Digital Transformation & DevOps – The Future

DevOps helps companies succeed in digital transformation by changing the company’s cultural mindset. These elements help organizations meet evolving customer demands and pave the way for continuous change and rapid experimentation.

But why DevOps is being considered as an important lever of transformation?

DevOps encourages automation: DevOps Services arrived as a boon after the IT business was struggling to adopt Agile methodologies.

DevOps Consulting ensures safety and security, together with flexibility and value. Safety remains a prime concern for companies aiming for quicker and value-added delivery. By integrating security into DevOps procedures and the next shift-left approach, DevOps addresses this issue.

How DevOps is helping Digital Transformation?

The Culture First’ approach

Proposing methods without knowing the context of the business and/or platform does not help anyone. It is not just about moving fast and breaking things; what matters is moving with trust! It’s not about automating things; it’s about organization-wide learning and knowledge sharing. That is how culture is constructed. 

Corporate culture is why it is impossible to change or transform many large organizations. Adopting DevOps Consulting Services means changing the cultural mindset that is ultimately about making things happen without the red tape, bureaucracy, committee meetings, for the company.

The solution is the first and then the tools!

It’s never a matter of tools. It is a mentality. Tools will only help you to get the job done once you know what you want to accomplish.

For any business that wants to embrace digital transformation through DevOps, breaking the silos and making things work with clarity is important. With culture in mind, bridging the gap between Dev and Ops is the importance of DevOps. At its core, DevOps should always aim to create an environment where software can be built, tested, and released quickly, frequently, and more reliably. It should be a team effort and should not be allocated to a person.

DevSecOps is the future

While DevOps guarantees value and availability, DevSecOps guarantees safety, confidence, and trust. Although many businesses are transforming themselves into DevOps businesses, security has become a concern and is a priority. With ever-increasing technological progress in recent years, businesses are expected to move quickly, deliver quickly, and maintain safety as the priority at the same time. DevSecOps is the future. 

‘Security’ is one of the factors to which your clients are mostly inclined, and you need to make sure they are in safe, good hands. Just don’t say it, prove it. That is where the principles of DevSecOps come in, ‘safety’ is of the utmost priority and integrating security from the beginning and at each stage of the development cycle of software.

Automation is a must

Organizations have struggled to adopt Agile methodologies for many years. That is where the rescue comes from DevOps. A methodical approach to the DevOps process with a zero-touch automation mindset. But hold on, that doesn’t mean that it has to be deployed to the production directly. It’s just that you should be able to do it if you want to. You should be able to reach the point where even an operation guy can do it with the push of a button.

A CI pipeline is a set of construction and test processes that produce your product’s release. A CD pipeline takes that release, subjects it to more rigorous system testing in a testing environment, and deploys it into production if those tests pass (including now also DevSecOps testing such as automated pen testing).

The catch here is that the magic solution for either DevOps or digital transformation is not automation by itself. But digital transformation is much more difficult without CI / CD / SRE automation and limits competitive advantage.

Digital transformation is the only way forward, with fast-changing business dynamics and customer expectations coupled with stellar technology innovations. 

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