Customer Success and Product Support

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is the business methodology of ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service. Customer Success is relationship-focused client management that aligns client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial results. Effective Customer Success strategy typically results in decreased customer churn and increased upsell opportunities.

Some of today’s most successful emerging and growing companies are already investing in customer success. In fact, growing companies are 21% more likely than their stagnant counterparts to prioritize customer success.

Why is Customer Success important?

The success of your business is inherently intertwined with the success of your customer. If customers succeed using your product, they’ll continue using your product, and thus, your business will grow. At its core, that’s what Customer Success (CS) is all about: ensuring your customers achieve their desired outcome while using your product. Of course, pulling that off requires people, processes, and—most importantly—data. 


After all, how can you help your customers use your product if you don’t know when, why, and how they’re using it. That’s why Customer Success requires:

  • Implementation of Technology
  • Real-time visibility into your customers’ “health,” which is represented by a combination of usage data and contextual inputs
  • Company-wide adoption of outcomes-based metrics and processes

Leveraging these three aspects, a business takes a “proactive, holistic, and organization-level approach” to ensure its customers, including those who use the product and benefit from its use.

Customer Success

For fast-growing ISVs and SaaS companies faced with the challenge of prioritizing between the following two equally essential engineering efforts:

1) Sustaining the annual recurring revenues from existing customers/installed base and

2) Developing new features and innovating to acquire new customers in newer segments.

Our offering of Customer Success allows them to offload one portion of these activities to a reliable partner like us.

Our customer success offering includes IT Support (L1 support, L2, L3 support), Incident Response Management, Professional Services, Remote Infra Support. Most of the feedback on product innovation comes from customer success teams. They have to be plugged into the product innovation cycle. We take care of it.

Our Approach

Our Customer Success team of Project Managers, Implementation Consultants, Product Specialists, and Technical Account Managers ensure a smooth product implementation and customer onboarding process, training, post-sale support, and ongoing technical support.