AFour donated old laptops to several students in need - 07 July 2020

As the spread of the COVID-19 situation got increasingly challenging, the government tightened its preventive measures further to address the issue. All students in schools, junior colleges, higher education institutions, and special education schools have been switched to full-time home-based learning (HBL).

Students with little resources are impacted the most in times like these.

Recently, AFour took up the initiative to donate old laptops/computers to several students in need.


HALL OF FAME - Motorola - 05 June 2020

It’s incredible to see our employees consistently pushing the bar.

Recently, Vinayak Sakhare was inducted into the Motorola solutions Hall of Fame 2020 for reporting an exploitation issue in their system.

We’d like to congratulate you on this achievement!

Keep up the great work!

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Business Impact of COVID-19 - Teleconference event - 29 April 2020

While we adapt to enable the new normal, ie, Work From Home(WFH), this trend is likely to continue for many businesses even after people are no longer required to stay at home due to coronavirus pandemic.

Employees now working remotely are finding ways to get the job done, for example, ensuring that the growing number of online shoppers are satisfied. 

This dynamic means that trusted, self-motivated employees are more valuable than ever. Meanwhile, with information in the cloud and with offices and stores underused, commercial real estate will likely be cheaper in the coming months. 

These are some of the few observations and insights that were shared by a panel of six entrepreneurs at the event- “Business Impact of COVID-19” held on 29th April 2020.

The event was held via teleconference along with the 6 alumni entrepreneurs who graduated from UW Bothell’s School of Business.

Subodh Parulekar, co-founder and CEO of AFour Technologies was proudly hosted as one of the panelists at this teleconference event who provided a real-world, real-time report on some of the impacts the pandemic is having in the business community and also participated in the question-and-answer session.

Everyone on the panel had insights to share, including some stand-out quotes.

You can read the full article here.

SANDSTONE: Virtual data assistant for your organization - 30 April 2020


AFour Technologies launched its own virtual data assistant -SANDSTONE on 30th April 2020 and is now available for various organizations.

As a key decision-maker it is important for the business stakeholder/top management person to do efficient and effective decision making, provide timely approvals; plan, manage and track the key meetings and the key events. The better decision can come by analyzing more information. However, it needs more time which is a very valuable resource.

AFour Virtual Data Assistant presents you all information from your organization which you need for decision making (e.g. Revenue pipeline, profitability trends, cashflow burn-rate/runway) and allows you to play with various parameters to analyze the impact on other parameters; presents you the pending approvals and help to plan and track your key business events. Voice interaction and other interesting AI/ML features make it more intuitive and humanly interface compared to the dull and static dashboards full of data.

Register here to attend the upcoming live webinar to get insights into the features of our virtual data assistant and get to know about the benefits of having a data assistant for your organization.

Data Engineering community webinar- 10 April 2020


Data Engineering community concluded their webinar sessions on 10 April 2020.We appreciate the response received for each session which encouraged our team at AFour to bring to you the best of Data Engineering sessions on how to architect large scale systems from a data engineering perspective or work with huge amounts of data.The team of Data Engineering experts at AFour delivered sessions ranging  from the core fundamental concepts to more advance concepts of Data Engineering practices and also explained how to implement them in different scenarios.

If you want to watch VODs of all the sessions conducted, then you can head over to our Youtube channel by clicking here.

The next season of Data Engineering community webinar will be starting soon. So, stay tuned!.

Keep learning!

TechGig Hall of Fame - Vinayak Sakhare

AFour’s Vinayak Sakhare was featured in Techgig’s Hall of Fame. Congratulations Vinayak!

Data Engineering Community to kick off soon! - March 29, 2020

As a part of AFour’s continuous learning initiative, we will have Data Engineering sessions (internal) on Tuesday (31st March 2020) and Wednesday (1st April 2020). The external facing community sessions will start from Thursday 2nd April 2020. 

Why should you attend these webinars?

Understand the basics of some of the fundamental concepts of data engineering & applications

Who can be a part of this community?

Anyone who wants to become a data engineer. Anyone who is curious about data engineering.

What can you expect from these webinars?

How to architect large-scale systems from data engineering perspective, or work with huge amounts of data.

InTech Olympiad 2020 - February 23, 2020

We just concluded our 5th-year finale event on 15th February at COEP campus, Pune. The (InTech) Integrated Technology Olympiad 2020 was a great step towards bridging the gap between demands from industries and the existing engineering curriculum. This competition enthused students with real experience of solving various industrial problems and were mentored by top experts. Around 10000 students from all over India registered in the event of which around 50 students made to the finale of 9 months-long events. They exhibited their skills, competencies, and knowledge through elaborate business as well as technical solutions in the form of presentations as well as prototypes on the projects allocated to them.








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AFour Ideathon - 21st Jan 2020

As it goes by the saying – Necessity is the mother of all inventions! AFour Technologies came up with an initiative called “The Ideathon” to implement various development initiatives and continuous improvement at the organization.Purpose of Ideathon was to provoke innovative minds at AFour to get their own ideas and solve their own issues in innovative manner. So in short the Ideation is the precursor to all other innovation events.

So,If an idea turns out to be interesting enough and in the benefit of company, it moves forward to Hackathon then to Asset project.

In the First round of Ideathon, participants get 5 min each to present their ideas followed by questionaire session for the next 10 min.

We got around 12 ideas in the first round of Ideathon of which 2 ideas were selected as winners and were further taken ahead as asset projects.Kudos to them!

Ideathon is for people who can innovate anywhere, anytime without any boundaries.If you mean it you can do it!

So, stay tuned for the next season of Ideathon !

InTech Olympiad 2020 (A pan India not for profit social initiative by COEP and virtual labs)

Top of the table at Corporate Premiere League - February 11, 2020

We are happy to announce that our cricket team is ready for the next stage after winning 7 out of 8 matches in the knockout stage of Corporate Premiere League. All the best for the next stage !


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Project Why - January 31, 2020

AFour’s motto is sustainable development. Our technological development goes hand in hand with societal well being and environmental consciousness. As a part of our CSR initiative, team AFour lend a helping hand to Project Why for shaping future of many young minds.

DevOps community webinar- 18 December 2019

DevOps community concluded their webinar sessions on 18 December 2019.We appreciate the response received for each session which encouraged our team at AFour to bring to you the best DevOps practices and implementation.The team of DevOps experts at AFour delivered sessions ranging  from the core fundamental concepts to more advance concepts like source -code managemnet, Jenkins, Docker & Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS and Post Deployment Tools.This gave our viewers hand-on experience with development, operations and and automation which enhanced their practices.

If you want to watch VODs of all the sessions conducted, then you can head over to our Youtube channel by clicking here.

The next season of DevOps community webinar will be starting soon. So, stay tuned!.

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'Snehalaya' Ashram from Ahmednagar

Snehalaya was founded in 1989 to provide support for women and children in distress.

There are around 300 children from 5yrs to 18 years age group. A team of volunteers from AFourTech visited Snehalaya and conducted drawing/performance/essay competitions for the children over there.

Prathamik Shikshak Mandal Shikshan Sanstha

As a part of CSR activity, AFourTech is supporting a school “Prathamik Shikshak Mandal Shikshan Sanstha” at Rasta Peth, Pune. It is a Marathi medium school and conducts classes up to 8th standard.

The objective of the education project is to improve enrollment of children in the school and deliver quality education. The school engages 500 children up to class 8. The school currently suffers from low attendance and enrollment rates. This project includes establishment of E-learning facility and education aids. AFourTech is also supporting infrastructural development of the school. The school’s website was developed by a group of interns and managed by the AFour team. The philosophy is to impart high quality education to the students and make them responsible citizens