A4CloudStack is an easy to use python-based product that can be used for performing cloud sysops functions and testing of product services to manage AWS cloud resources. A4Cloudstack provides a simplified CLI with user friendly commands and detailed help of AWS services. A4Cloudstack helps to perform AWS services operations through CLI.

A4CloudStacks covers automation and testing of sysops use cases for the following services:

  • IAM
  • EC2
  • S3
  • CloudWatch
  • SSMS
  • SNS
  • DynamoDB


The benefits!

  • AWS services automation using boto3 library
  • Rich library of reusable functions for managing AWS cloud resources
  • CLI implementation for managing AWS cloud resources

Tools & Technologies

  • Frameworks – pytest
  • Libraries – build, dacite, pytest, requests==2.22.0, boto3, python-rapidjson, pytest-dependency
  • Technologies – Python, boto3, argparse
  • Tools – PyCharm, Geeklab
  • OS – Windows, Linux