A4CloudStack is an easy-to-use python-based product that can be used for performing cloud sysops functions and testing product services to manage AWS cloud resources. A4Cloudstack provides a simplified CLI with user-friendly commands and detailed help of AWS services. A4Cloudstack helps to perform AWS services operations through CLI.

A4CloudStacks covers automation and testing of sysops use cases for the following services:

  • IAM
  • EC2
  • S3
  • CloudWatch
  • SSMS
  • SNS
  • DynamoDB

The Benefits:

  • AWS services automation using boto3 library
  • Rich library of reusable functions for managing AWS cloud resources
  • CLI implementation for managing AWS cloud resources

Reusable Functions Summary: 

API – reusable functions like Get, Put, Post & Delete response, Process response, generate URL, etc.

UI – Wrapper over selenium library which has rich user-friendly functions for operations like button click, scroll through pages, mouse over elements, select dropdown values, etc.

Linux – Using A4mation Linux libraries one can automate common sysops tasks for Linux systems like Mount nfs & smb drives, change permissions of mounted drives, generate checksums, etc.

AWS – AWS library functions to quickly automate common sysops use cases for services like IAM, EC2 S3, DynamoDB, SSM, etc.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Frameworks – pytest
  • Libraries – build, dacite, pytest, requests==2.22.0, boto3, python-rapidjson, pytest-dependency
  • Technologies – Python, boto3, argparse
  • Tools – PyCharm, Geeklab
  • OS – Windows, Linux