Backend Development and API Testing Services in USA and India

Backend Development and API Testing Services

AFour Technologies is a trusted long-term partner to global industry leaders and technology innovators seeking efficient and cutting-edge Backend Development and API Testing solutions.


AFour Technologies is a leading Backend Development and API Testing Company in USA and India providing tailor-made solutions to global enterprises. Having been in the market for more than 15+ years, we build, test, and deploy highly robust backend solutions designed with the best industry practices and agile principles to craft quality solutions.  

We understand that any product’s maintainability, extendibility, reliability, and scalability depend upon how robust the architecture is and the quality of the server-side development. We have a proven track record of optimizing and deploying robust server-side codes, constructing libraries, drafting complex protocols, and outlining organization’s structure for online success.  

Our vast expertise in delivering more than 500+ Backend and API Testing projects has helped organizations ranging from small and medium to large-scale enterprises redefine their technological innovation with our prompt backend development services. 

Why Choose AFour Tech for all your Backend Development and API Testing needs

Global Enterprises and Fortune 500+ companies trust AFour Technologies to redefine their software solutions’ architecture and drive digital growth strategy. With over 15+ years of experience, we have the right expertise to strengthen your application landscape with higher-quality Backend and API Testing Services in USA and India. Our deep understanding of modernizing your existing Backend Systems and Sustenance Engineering without disrupting the existing Front-End Architecture makes us the right partner for all your Backend Development and API Testing needs. 

What Do we provide?

AFour Technologies provides top-notch Backend Development and API Testing Services in USA and India. Our expert team is dedicated to helping organizations achieve efficient and dependable software architecture. We offer the following services:

Backend Development

We have a team of experienced backend developers who specialize in building scalable, high-performance, and secure backend systems using technologies such as Node.js, Java, and Python.

API Development

We help clients build robust APIs that enable them to seamlessly integrate their applications with third-party services and systems and enhance their functionality.

API Testing

Our team of QA experts has extensive experience in API testing and can help clients ensure their APIs' quality, reliability, and performance.

Database Design and Development

We provide comprehensive database design and development services, helping clients build robust and scalable databases that meet their specific business needs.

Microservices Development

We have expertise in developing microservices-based architectures that enable clients to build highly scalable and flexible systems with independent and loosely coupled components

Architectural Design and Development

We offer architectural design and development services to help clients create effective and scalable software architectures that align with their business goals.


Our prototyping services enable clients to test and validate their ideas quickly and bring their products to market faster.

Technology Migrations

We specialize in technology migrations, helping clients smoothly transition from legacy systems to modern, scalable, and secure technologies.

Sustenance Engineering

Our sustenance engineering services ensure the ongoing maintenance, support, and enhancement of our clients' software systems, ensuring their continued performance and reliability.

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Business Problems Solved for Our Clients

Network Monitoring Tool

AFour Technologies provides network monitoring and troubleshooting software for hybrid IT environments.


Healthcare Automation Solution

Healthcare organizations rely on AFourTech’s strong QA and test automation capabilities to test their enterprise applications.

Micro-Market Module

AFour works with leading technologies to provide complete e-commerce and omni-channel solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


Industries we serve

At AFour Tech, we specialize in providing Backend Development and API Testing Services in USA and India to a diverse range of industries. Our expertise in delivering custom solutions makes us the preferred partner for small startups in their ideation phase, mid-sized businesses focused on growth, and large enterprises looking to optimize their processes. With a deep understanding of each industry’s unique needs, we help our clients achieve their business goals through innovative and reliable Backend Development and API Testing solutions.

Our industry experience includes:

  • Fintech and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Oil, and Gas Mining

Our Team Composition

At AFour Tech, our team of seasoned developers is at the heart of technological innovation and specializes in creating tailor-made solutions for all your Backend Development and API Testing requirements. With production experience in .NET, Java, Python, Django, Node.js, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google, we have the right expertise to deliver custom, robust solutions that work toward your company’s success. 

Tools and Technologies we use

  • Development Platforms: Java, .Net, Python, Scala, Node.js, PHP 
  • Database Management Systems: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres  
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, Heroku, and Google  
  • Backend Tools: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript 
  • API Development and Testing: RESTful APIs, GraphQL, Swagger, OpenAPI, Postman, SoapUI, JMeter, LoadRunner 
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Map Reduce, HBase, Hive  
  • Search Engines: Elastic Search – On-Premise, Azure Search, Cloud 

Please note that the above tools and technology are not an exhaustive list, and the technology stack can vary depending on the nature of the project and its overall requirements. 


Our developers are highly skilled and experienced in delivering prompt Backend Development and API Testing Services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. We prioritize communication, collaboration, and transparency throughout the development process to ensure our clients are satisfied with the final product.

Yes, we offer a rapid team scaling solution that enables our clients to quickly hire additional developers for their projects. With our vast pool of talent, we can provide qualified developers within 48 hours.

Apart from Backend Development and API Testing Services, we also offer backend development, front-end development, digital transformation, Software Solution Architecture, UI/UX, CI/CD, as well as cyber security services. Our integrated approach to software development enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet our clients’ business needs.

Yes, we offer a free consultation to our clients where our experts analyze your project requirements, provide suggestions, and offer solutions to ensure the success of your project. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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