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Digital Transformation is a journey that involves continuous improvement in the business by means of implementing new digitization avenues. The examples are real-time integration of data from various departments in an organization; real-time retrieval and analysis of field data; automated feeding of inventory, productivity and quality information to a central system, and ongoing analysis of that information; real-time alerts, ongoing reminders on mobile devices; migrating IT assets to a cloud and integration with other cloud services, etc.

At AFour Technologies we provide the best Digital Transformation Services in USA and India. We have been assisting clients in building and enhancing digital products and experiences by leveraging our expertise in UX Design, Cloud, Mobility, and Data. With our Digital Engineering capability, we have enabled organizations to progress through every phase of their Digital Transformation journey as follows:

1) Build Digital Enterprise Platforms and Experiences from scratch 

Developed a Mobile Strategy for an Online Lunch delivery service that paired great food with great people. Drove their expansion to new markets by architecting, designing, and developing their first-ever cross-platform food ordering mobile application for consumers.    

Partnered with a self-service online marketplace provider of locally sourced fresh food, snacks, and beverages for office employees, home delivery and manage their logistics as well to keep their snack bars well stocked up. 

Developed a platform for B2B and B2C onboarding and collaboration, which connects businesses with customers.  The platform helps suppliers to send invitations for their products/services with promotional offers. The platform has been a catalyst for businesses to increase customer footprint, thereby increasing their sales.

Developed new features for a path-breaking distance learning platform that involves digital cards allowing teachers a powerful and easy way to use and engage with students. The platform also provides instant feedback on student answers. 

2) Cloud Migration 

Contributed to DevOps and Sustenance engineering initiatives of our client who is a leading Call and Text Analytics solutions provider. Played a pivotal role in the Cloud First initiative. Migrated enormous assets from the client’s own data center to the AWS cloud. This resulted in reduction of a substantial amount of maintenance cost(to run and operate) while ensuring highly reliable and scalable services.

3) Securing existing software applications/infrastructure

The emergence of cloud computing as a new paradigm brings in a lot of challenges in security as more and more application resources are accessible over the internet for adversaries to exploit. At AFour Technologies, we recognize that security must be addressed throughout the development lifecycle to reduce threat attack vectors and build secure applications.

Over the years, we have evolved our security practices in architecting and developing cloud solutions that mitigate risks like data breaches and insecure endpoint interfaces. Our security team helps in the development and pen testing of cloud solutions to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of applications and infrastructure. 

AFour Technologies has delivered several cloud projects including SaaS and PaaS solutions for Data Center, FinTech, Health Care, Logistics, Manufacturing, Food and Deliveries verticals.

4) Modernize Legacy Apps and Platforms 

Re-engineered the existing legacy tag management solution coupled with a technology transformation to deliver the best in class end-user experience. A marked improvement in application performance which helped the seller with key insights before they call back the customer to follow up effectively and close the leads.

Partnered with a leading Call and Text Analytics solutions provider to enhance and extend an AI-enabled, microservices-based, and easy-to-use conversational analytics solution. The solution enables sales and marketing teams to make data-driven decisions that improve their digital marketing performance.

For one of our healthcare customers, replaced their legacy solution by designing, architecting, and cloud-enabling a new comprehensive solution that accelerates the operational needs of the behavioural healthcare system. The solution provides Case Management Services, Electronic Data Interchange – ePHI, Employee Assistance Programs, Claims Processing with built-in HIPAA compliance, data security, and privacy.

Designed and developed multiple features for an extensible open-source imaging informatics software platform dedicated to imaging-based research which became a platform of choice for multiple neuroimaging projects and research labs around the world.

5) Providing Data-Driven Insights for a wide range of Enterprise and SMB applications 

Partnered with an Audio and Text Analytics Solution Provider for development and sustenance engineering of its data platform AWS.  Data platform produces powerful, actionable intelligence for marketing and sales teams to increase return on Ad Spend; rescue missed opportunities before they happen; classify customer intent and call outcomes. 

Partnered with one of the world’s largest oil field service companies with operations in more than 70 countries to develop a data governance and data discovery solution using Apache Atlas. The solution helps in the classification of data by metadata management. It also enables end-users to quickly search and request the information as per their needs. 

Designed, developed and maintained an analytics platform for the real-time log analysis of continuously emitted events and data produced by multiple clinical chemistry analyzers.   

6) Building IIOT Solutions through integration with Digital technologies 

Designed and developed a SaaS platform for performance analysis of an oil well site. The platform captures raw sensor data and SCADA data using the robust, secure solution and empowers operators to turn data into actionable insights. The solution was designed for a single well, a field or across the entire enterprise through automation, optimization and data visualization.

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