Continuous Integration & Deployment Services in USA & India

At AFour Technologies we provide the best Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/ CD) Services in USA and India. Continuous Integration (CI) is a DevOps best practice where developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository; This leads to run automated builds and tests. Continuous Delivery (CD) is DevOps best practice. Here code changes get automatically pushed to various delivery environments. A mature CI/CD (continuous integration  & continuous deployment) DevOps practice has the option of implementing continuous deployment. Where application changes run through the CI/CD (continuous integration  & continuous deployment) pipeline and the builds which pass through the tests are deployed directly to the production environment.

Business Problems we Solved for our Customers

For a healthcare customer, we have designed and implemented their continuous integration  & continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using Azure DevOps. For a software system designed with the microservices pattern, we have designed and implemented their CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and dockerized deployment solution using Kubernetes.

Services we Provide

We provide classical DevOps services like designing automation infrastructure and configuration management, designing CI/CD pipelines that focus more on build engineering and related automation.

The Team Composition

We have DevOps engineers having 3-5 years of experience who contribute to implementing CI/CD pipelines using the required tools and help with POC implementations.

Tools and Technologies, we Use

We have expertise in most of the CI/CD (continuous integration  & continuous deployment) tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, etc.

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