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For any company planning to develop a new product, MVP is the most cost-effective method for getting early feedback from the subset of possible customers, such as early adopters. In the MVP version, the essential functions of the product are delivered to test the viability of the product quickly. 

Services we Provide

It’s essential to understand what the most cost-effective features are, to be able to go to the market at the right point. Our highly experienced team handles the highly strategic decision of MVP development. Their experience and market research knowledge keeps away unwanted things in the software. AFour understands that it takes a lot more than a good idea to build a great product and helps organizations with their technology success with minimum costs. 

Our experienced team can cater to various technologies like .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, React, Angular, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL along with the power of cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google.

We understand that for MVP to be successful excellent user experience is very critical; hence our UX experts pay at most attention to user experience strategy.

AFour, is one of the best Software Prototyping Development Service Provider in USA and India, and is well versed in industry-standard project management methodologies making great use of the Agile Methodology. AFour uses Kanban and Scrum frameworks of the Agile Methodology and uses Atlassian Jira to manage projects in timeboxes of sprints.

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Business Problems we Solved for our Customers

AFour has successfully catered many startups in helping them build a great product within the defined time-to-market deadlines. 

One of our customers was from the oil and gas industry. We quickly built MVP for a cross-browser platform that could be used to configure, manage, trend and report solutions—also, field technicians could make necessary changes to the individual configurations.

We designed and implemented a custom keyboard for the entire product interface, which brought in a lot of positive feedback from the end-users.

For a customer in the healthcare domain, we developed a mobile app with face recognition.

This app can scan the user’s face and then send this data to the concerned doctor for the treatment of the user/patient.

We also built an MVP for the customer engagement platform, which helps in getting the end-users to the restaurant, retailer, hotel, or event they want to visit. Here businesses will be able to integrate transportation solutions as part of their branding/marketing strategy, leveraging the rides provided by the platform to drive increased spending and enhanced customer loyalty.

The Team Composition

AFour, as a Software Prototyping company, has talented software development engineers as well as senior technical architects, well versed in iterative and agile development methodologies. They are backed by a talented pool of quality assurance (QA) personnel who focus on ensuring high quality in the product. 

AFour has production experience with .NET, Java, Node.js, React, Angular, Scala, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL along with cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google.

Tools and Technologies, we Use

We have product engineering experience with .NET, Java, Node.js, HTML5/CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, Elasticsearch, Scala, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL along with cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, and Google.

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