What is DevOps?
DevOps – a combination of Development & Operations – is a software development methodology which integrates the functions of development & operations in the same cycle with a large emphasis on automation of build, deployment and testing. DevOps automation can be considered as an extension of Agile, but with Operations roped into the release cycle and everything in the chain automated to reduce the code-to-production time to as low as 4 hours.

Transition to DevOps
We, at AFour Technologies are ideally suited to provide expertise at various levels of the DevOps automation cycle.

Test Automation: With our rich experience in automation testing across various platforms (Web & Mobile), technologies and domains, we are strategically placed to provide tailor-made solutions and TDKs (Test Development Kits) to get you up and running in your DevOps automation cycles.

Continuous Integration: Automation of building and deploying code & binaries is an integral part and an important cog in a DevOp automation cycle. We can help clients bridge this gap with our expertise in setting up processes and ability to configure various popular CI tools, like TFS, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, etc.

Virtualization: We can provide clients expertise in setting up their build and test environments with our experience in creating and configuring Virtual Environments locally (like VSphere, HyperVisor, etc.) and on the cloud (like AWS, etc.)

Monitoring: Continuous Integration in DevOps automation also means continuous monitoring of the build on production to be able to proactively anticipate bugs & provide live feedback. With our strong Non-Functional testing skills, AFour Technologies can assist teams in setting up these monitors for enhanced monitoring.

Consulting: As more & more teams move towards adopting DevOps automation, AFour Technologies can act as a catalyst in transitioning you from your current software development methodology to DevOps automation. With our varied experience in technologies and tools, we can ensure that the transition is seamless.