AFour has a strong team of engineers with an exhaustive experience and expertise in development and testing of SDN Controllers and Switches.

SDN is rapidly replacing VLANs in complex enterprise data centers, and in hyperscale cloud services. It gives a 30,00-foot view of the network, enables centralized management, automation of network services, along with better orchestration. It adds phenomenal benefits to data center virtualization.

An SDN Controller acts as an interface between a virtual switch and a physical switch – a network topology where data and control planes are separate. Unlike x86 virtualization, SDN is implemented on network switches. By making a control plane software-defined, an SDN controller facilitates seamless integration with business applications; and automated network management. SDN controllers use common application interfaces like OpenFlow and OVSDB.


  • Development of SDN controllers and switches
  • Validation of SDN controllers and switches
  • Test automation using Mininet network simulator to validate SDN controller and switches
  • Performance and scale bench-marking of SDN controllers and switches
  • Security-Encryption of packets being transmitted in SDN networks
  • Open flow certification of SDN switches and controllers

We have an extensive experience in SDN development, as well as testing –


  • Developed a harness to configure client network using SDN.
  • Designed a responsive UI for admin.
  • All the functions of the SDN controller – device management, inventory monitoring, scale, AD/LDAP integration can be monitored on the harness.
  • The dashboard can be used for project/user creation, authentication, access control as well as security monitoring.
  • This SDN harness gets the network up and running in no time.
  • The harness provided a platform for end-to-end testing in use cases like multivendor networks.
  • It is a scalable model that can be easily integrated with any automation framework.
  • It reduces deployment time for new applications.


  • AFour provided end-to-end testing for an industrial security solution.
  • Deployed dockers for testing the SDN components in the client’s solution.
  • AFour has built PCAP-based and XML-based simulators for simulating the network topology and testing the individual components, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.
  • Simulated the desired IoT traffic.
  • Provided protocol testing for each component.
  • Carried out performance tests and test automation.
  • Reduced the delivery time by SDN testing for protocol conformance.

We provide turnkey SDN solutions, with development as well as testing. Our solutions are best suited for service providers looking for a cost-effective, scalable, and modular infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate your orchestration tools and programmatic interfaces; along with a centralized control using our SDN solutions.