Do you have a right approach towards “Industrial IoT Platform Development?” If not, then have a look!

Suppose you are an industrial equipment manufacturer. Your product and services revolve around designing and selling equipment used in various industry domains like F&B, transportation, agriculture etc.

However, you might be at the beginning of your digital transformation journey, and probably it might be the first time you are collecting data from your machines and PLCs, or maybe you have the data and want to move it to cloud for management and analytics.

But here you get stuck and start pondering!

How to get started? What to do next? What is right the approach to industrial IoT platform development?

But at the end of the day your customers don’t want your machines, they want ultimate business outcomes that your machines can provide. Increased productivity and better performance is what everybody wants.

Now the question arises what is the right way to achieve this?

The answer is “Right approach to industrial IoT platform development.”

If your organization has a right approach towards industrial IoT platform development, then it will not only accelerate your transformation towards being an outcome-oriented and more data-driven organization but also it will provide a competitive advantage in the form of differentiated products and service offerings.

So, let’s get started!

Build your own castle on the cloud

There are several existing technology blocks for creating industrial IoT platform from the scratch; these blocks provide surprisingly powerful methods for machine learning and analytics.

Today, most of the software development firms consider such a development approach that depends on building their IoT platform over the cloud components like AWS and Azure.

That’s absolutely great, as you don’t need to build the parts yourself, because as a service provider there is no value in owning a cloud infrastructure

But like a coin, every aspect has two sides. So, cloud provider reference architectures may look nice and clean, but there are significant complexities related to it, and it needs to be resolved before adding these services to your developing console so that you can deliver connected products which can deliver optimum value to your customers.

Building one’s own IoT platform on public cloud infrastructure is always a healthy practice. But this particular approach is only recommended for such organizations who are seeking to own and control their connected product solution – and also have substantial engineering resources to commit for the duration of the life of the system.

IoT SaaS

Most of the time, organizations don’t have a considerable size of the engineering team or significant time to blend IoT platforms to their system. In this case buying a SaaS offering basing on the requirement is the right way to go.

SaaS often provides out-of-the-box functionalities to match the market pace, and almost in all the cases, costs are considerably low at the beginning.

Often, the required resources for running a SaaS IoT offering is minimal, and the operations are usually managed by the vendor. So, if any organization, irrespective of its size is looking for monitoring and alerting scenarios, then this would be the perfect fit.

If your requirements and resources are limited, then SaaS IoT platform is that magic stick which can provide a quick path for linking your equipment to the cloud.

Believe in outsourcing 

Building your own IoT platform is always cumbersome, thus hiring a consulting firm to build your IoT platform is always a fool proof idea. It will also provide you control over your data and future roadmap.

This can always be a practical option for such enterprises who are into creating connected product solutions with their customers. This will always help themselves to be at the competitive advantage and embed themselves inside their customers’ value chains.

Helping you to build the road ahead

If you’re a manufacturer or a service provider, and your digital transformation journey might have just started, or you might be ready to move to the next level. Then we are here to combine your organization’s requirements, goals and constraints with each aspect of industrial IoT platform development, thus creating valuable business outcomes for you as well as for your customers. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

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