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AFour Technologies is a trusted long-term partner to global industry leaders and technology innovators seeking efficient and innovative ways to leverage existing Transportation Management System (TMS) Solutions.

Why Choose AFour Technologies For All Your TMS Technology Solutions Needs

At AFour Technologies, we are dedicated to your success. With our technology and domain expertise, you can unlock the full potential of new-age Transportation needs and operations. Streamline routes, reduce costs, and enhance last-mile delivery that manages inbound and outbound carrier collaboration. Our flexible and solution-driven approach empowers you to tackle any challenges, ensuring your transportation operations reach new heights. Trust AFour Tech to optimize your logistics and achieve tangible business outcomes consistently on an incremental basis. 

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Orchestrating Logistics: AFour's TMS Technology Services For Seamless Supply Chain Management

AFour Technologies sets itself apart as a premier provider of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Technology Services, excelling in the delivery of cutting-edge customization and integration solutions. Our extensive expertise encompasses transportation, distribution, freight, and logistics, guaranteeing optimal performance and a distinct competitive advantage in the market. Having successfully executed over 500 projects, we specialize in crafting tailored TMS solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of each business, fostering efficiency and delivering tangible value.

Customized TMS Solutions

AFour Technologies stands out for its expertise in delivering highly customized Transportation Management Systems, ensuring that solutions align perfectly with the unique requirements of each business.

Comprehensive Industry Coverage

Our proficiency spans transportation, distribution, freight, and logistics, allowing us to provide comprehensive TMS solutions that cater to a diverse range of industry needs.

Proven Expertise and Experience

With a track record of over 500+ successful projects, AFour Technologies has a proven ability to deliver results, making us a reliable partner for businesses seeking effective TMS solutions.

Business-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding the unique challenges and requirements of each business, ensuring that our TMS solutions drive efficiency and deliver tangible value to our clients.

Have A TMS Technology Challenge To Address?

What Do We Provide?

At AFour Technologies,  We innovate to maximize your legacy TMS Technology Solutions and leverage new age TMS platforms further to enhance ROI. Trust us for your Digital Transformation needs with TMS Solutions.

Goods Movement Optimization

We help enhance TMS solutions to provide advanced optimization algorithms that help streamline routes, minimize empty miles and improve resource utilization.This unlocks full operational efficiency and tracking.

Dynamic Route Optimization

With expertise in location-based solutions such as Project 44, GoMotive and FourKites, we can help in optimizing dynamic routing capabilities

Optimized Transportation Costs

We develop solutions which help analyze various cost factors such as fuel prices, carrier rates, transportation modes, and shipment volumes to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Go Motive, Four Kites we have developed solutions which provide advanced last-mile delivery capabilities, including route planning, driver tracking, and proof of delivery.

Carrier Planning

We have built solutions by integrating multiple TMS software which provides comprehensive carrier management functionalities, including carrier selection, performance tracking, and contract management.

Our Team Composition

At AFour Tech, our team is composed of highly skilled professionals with deep expertise in transportation management. We have seasoned project managers who oversee the implementation process, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes. 

Our developers possess extensive knowledge of TMS platforms and technologies, allowing them to create customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, our consultants bring industry insights and domain expertise to provide valuable guidance and strategic input. With our well-rounded team composition, we deliver comprehensive TMS solutions that optimize your transportation operations and drive business growth. 

Tools And Technologies We Use

  • TMS Platforms: We work with industry leading TMS platforms such as Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM), Blueyonder, E2Open, Blujay, OTM, Transplace, Uber Freight, Trucker Tools, Manhattan Associates, Navisphere, and more to provide robust and scalable solutions. 
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Integration: We integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, such as ESRI ArcGIS, to enhance route planning and geospatial analysis.  
  • Telematics and Fleet Management: We seamlessly integrate leading tools and software like Project 44, Go Motive, and FourKites into our TMS offerings. Alongside telematics and fleet management solutions like Trimble Transportation, these tools enable real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance monitoring, fuel consumption analysis, and predictive maintenance capabilities. 
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): We leverage EDI standards and tools, including X12 and EDIFACT, to facilitate seamless integration with carriers, suppliers, and customers.  
  • Mobile Applications and Delivery Management: We develop mobile applications for drivers and delivery personnel to enhance productivity and efficiency. These applications enable real-time updates, proof of delivery capture, electronic signatures, and instant dispatcher communication.  
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: We utilize advanced analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, and QlikView, to provide actionable insights into your transportation operations. 

Please note that the above tools and technology are not an exhaustive list, and the technology stack can vary depending on the nature of the project and its overall requirements. 

Most Popular Questions

How are AFour Technologies developers different?

Our developers and consultants are highly skilled and experienced in delivering prompt TMS – Technology Customization and Integration Services with Domain Expertise that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. We prioritize communication, collaboration, and transparency throughout the development process to ensure our clients are satisfied with the final product.

What other services does AFour Technologies provide?

Apart from TMS – Technology Customization and Integration Services, we also offer backend development, front-end development, digital transformation, Software Solution Architecture, UI/UX, CI/CD, as well as cyber security services. Our integrated approach to software development enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet our clients’ business needs.

Can AFour Technologies handle both small-scale and large-scale projects?

Absolutely! AFour Technologies has a versatile team capable of handling projects of any scale. Whether you have a small project or a complex enterprise-level initiative, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results tailored to your specific requirements.

Can I get a free consultation on my project?

Yes, we offer a free consultation to our clients where our experts analyze your project requirements, provide suggestions, and offer solutions to ensure the success of your project. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Enhance Your Transportation Management with AFour's Tailored Solutions!

Optimize your transportation management system (TMS) with AFour Technologies’ customized enhancements and integrations. From route optimization to carrier management, we empower you to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.