This service encompasses QA Consulting, Test Management and Strategy offerings. In QA Consulting, we objectively assess if QA processes, tools and frameworks being implemented by an organization are delivering products and applications of the highest quality. We identify and prioritize gaps in processes and make recommendations covering test methodologies, automation strategy, test management tools, metrics, and training requirements. QA consulting services typically span multiple products, applications, and projects. A common scenario in which this service is provided to customers is when they need an independent third party assessment of their overall QA organization’s maturity.

Our Test Management and Strategy offering is customized for specific products and applications, and clearly outlines a detailed execution plan covering quality objectives and deliverables corresponding to every milestone in the SDLC, resource budgeting, timelines and release criteria, test automation strategy and tool selection. Customers typically avail this service when there is insufficient test management bandwidth in the organization for a specific product being developed or maintained. We have created Test Strategies for new products and applications and also for Version 2.0 products by incorporating feedback from the field, service requests, issues found during the sustenance engineering phase etc.

When organizations do not invest in a solid test strategy, several important quality attributes and feature areas, some of which are important to the end users, are overlooked. It is typically late and expensive to incorporate changes to the requirements, architecture and design, feature specs, coding standards etc. A well-defined test strategy can help identify quality issues upstream and help reduce the overall cost of quality.