Autobot is framework named after the team of alien bots protecting earth in the Hollywood movie franchise ‘Transformers’. They possess unique ability to transform into multiple skilled bots to suite the situation. The framework’s goal is in line with the same concept and it promises to work on same idea to provide multiple types of device testing inside one integrated framework and also give power of using, understanding and extending the use of the test framework by anyone from technology savvy automation engineers to business analysts, stakeholders, release managers, etc. through the use of the Cucumber framework layer.

Some Of The Most Useful Features This Framework Offers Are:

  • Use of cucumber for ease for understanding and increasing extension ability.
  • Support to embedded device automation with OCR verification
  • CI support for reporting of cucumber feature files based results.
  • Clear picture and complete visibility of strong and weak areas of product to stake holders and higher management.
  • Web interface for device screen section selection

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