Test Opportunity and Scope

  • Software Testing and Test Automation.
  • Functional Testing.

Our solution

AFourTech worked with the client team through one entire release cycle and came up with the test strategy document. AFour implemented the following measures as a part of the solution to address regression testing concerns:

  • Introduced a process to regularly scrub test cases to optimize the number of regression test cases. Also, this ensured up-to-date &valid regression test cases.
  • Assigned priorities to test cases. These were used while automating test cases.
  • Identified Test Automation opportunities (e.g. seed data generation, regression testing, API Testing) and conducted Test Automation POC to validate the automation.
  • Developed test automation framework and introduced page functions in the framework to address the issue of frequent UI changes.
  • Automated 1000+ regression test cases.
  • Automated test data generation activities.
  • Automated API test cases.
  • Used Selenium Grid to reduce the execution time of entire test suite.
  • Automated end-to-end test cases which included portal as well as agent side automation and verification.
  • Developed agent side automation using EggPlant.