Client Overview

  • It is a financial software product company which provides cost-effective and sophisticated data collection and distribution solutions at customer’s fingertips. Tests are conducted with unmodified Android-based smartphones.
  • The project involves a web application to communicate with an application server and a database server.


  • Legal Order Express & Financial (LOXF)

Product Features / Modules

  • LOXF is a legal document processing application, which allows users to add task, shipment, notification and billing to specific tasks. Each user has different functionality within the scope. Legal Order Express is an application that provides cost-effective legal order processing solution to eliminate paper delivery. It also provides end-to-end processing and delivery solution of legal orders and subpoenas. LOXF supports the automated generation of correspondence at various stages of the processing of legal orders to ensure completeness, compliance and accuracy to help long term record storage and management.

Problem Statement and Solution

Problem Statement:

  • The client needs servers and client machines hosted in same domain/workgroup for AFourTech to perform load testing.
  • The client needs load testing result of all workflows in specific report format where detailing of each and every page response can be captured and projected through graphs.
  • The client needs Security testing results in specific report format where mapping of test cases and defect are provided.
  • For the best response of LOX application, client needs ramp up time of 1 second in performance testing and DB and attachments restoration before each flow execution.


  • AFourTech came up with the solution of hosting WEB server, FILE server, DB server and one client machine on AWS having same workgroup to get more accurate data in load testing reports
  • AFourTech created a report template for performance testing where details of all captured pages are shown in statistics as well as in graphical form.
  • AFourTech created a report template for security testing where mapping of test cases and defects are provided.
  • Based on performance test specifications, AFourTech created scripts and prepared reports for each flow.
  • AFourTech also analysed execution reports and log files generated on servers for each workflows to handle errors.

Test Services provided by AFourTech

Performance Testing:

  • This involves load testing of LOX product to design, develop and execute performance scripts for different count of users.
  • AFourTech to test eight different workflows of application as mentioned in specification document provided by client.

Security Testing:

  • This involves security testing of LOX product to conduct a security evaluation of their product and infrastructure against security standards.
  • AFourTech to manually execute checklist based on OWASP Top 10 security techniques & Scenarios identified for test.
  • AFourTech to perform testing using different security tools to reveal flaws in security mechanisms and finding the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of software applications.

Tools and Technologies used

  • JMeter
  • Fiddler