AFourTech has been involved in outsourced QA services since its establishment in 2007.Our outsourced QA services helps you build quality of your applications and accelerate testing to reduce the risk of software defects that could cause critical system outages affecting your operations.

Startup product organizations have business challenges like unavailability of concrete product roadmap, extreme pace of product modification, short turnaround time of deliverables / releases / hotfixes, smaller team size, high burn down rate, modest engineering infrastructure. These have associated QA challenges like smaller QA cycles, subjectivity in product quality, lack of rich test data, lesser time for requirement analysis, and multiple parallel quality initiatives.

Quality departments or Quality partners aka testing service providers are expected to deliver

  • Highest quality of service
  • Minimal cost of quality

AFour focuses on addressing these challenges by working hand in hand with the client as an outsourced QA services partner. AFour builds a QA team from scratch, which has a combination of required roles in the QA department such as QA Lead / QA Manager, Test Engineers, Test Automation Engineers. Every QA engineer at AFour has requisite skills like test automation, performance testing, security testing which is well complemented by strong in house Centers of Excellence in these areas.Since we have a singular QA focus, it is easier for us to acquire QA talent and provide excellent QA career map. AFour has unbiased focus on quality which is critical for your product organization.

AFour works in all combinations of onsite and offshore model. Depending on the need the Project Coordinator from AFour engages with the customer from day 1 and typically works in the same time zone as that of the customer. Daily or weekly interaction between the customer team and AFour QA team takes place through email reports, calls, etc. to ensure goals and deliverables. Other than this, frequent interim review meetings with customer ensure availability of right talent and excellent quality deliverables.

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