Background of the field

Monitoring and Alerting is one of the best practices in DevOps which helps in tracking the vital internal metrics (eg., success, error rates, throughput) and external metrics (eg., latency, traffic) and gives overall visibility into the health of the system. It would help in identifying the common problems in your application and infrastructure as well.

Problems solved for the customers 

For a healthcare customer, we have designed and implemented monitoring and alerting tools using the in-built capabilities of the Azure cloud.

For a call analytics customer, we have set up the monitoring and alerting system by following the best practices around it.

Services we provide 

We provide expert DevOps Monitoring and Alerting Services in USA and India like designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines, which focus more on build engineering and related automation, designing and implementing infrastructure provisioning and configuration management. Apart from that, we have services like implementing best practices for setting up monitoring and alerting tools for applications and infrastructure.

Team composition

We have DevOps engineers having 3-5 years of experience who contribute to implementing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure provisioning, configuration management using the required tools and help with POC implementations. We have senior DevOps engineers and leads who have more experience in designing and implementing in all these areas and all the latest tools and technologies. Our expertise DevOps team follows all the best practices while designing and implementing all the solutions.

Tools & Technologies

We have expertise in most of the monitoring and alerting tools like Nagios, Splunk, Prometheus, etc.


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