Brief about the Client and Product

The client has a product related to retail business with a very unique concept. 

The concept of the product is to set up a self-service market of fresh food, snacks, and beverages without vending machines.

The idea is to source items from local fresh food producers to provide variety and freshness to company locations. 

Here employees can purchase fresh and healthy offerings 24/7 with simple-to-use iPad kiosks.

Also, employees can use credit cards, net-banking, or register as a user for checkout.

Kind of Engagement

AFour has been working with this client for four years. 

The team works on adding new features, improvements, and fixing bugs.

Key Highlights and Achievements

– PCI Compliance: Earlier, the product was not PCI (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. PCI is a vital security compliance for application handling payment transactions. The AFour team has analyzed and done all the necessary complex changes to make it PCI compliance. This helped our client to set up their market in big companies.

– Planogram: For efficient market operations, it is necessary to have a digital model of the market layout. (This model is known as a Planogram in the retailing industry). It helps delivery drivers, operation managers, and business managers in many ways and by saving precious efforts and time.

– On-Demand: Before adding this feature, users could only buy products from the market using kiosk checkout. This new feature was introduced to place fresh food orders in advance.

Team Composition

The team consists of a Project Coordinator, a senior developer, and few QA professionals who are part of the delivery team. 

An Architect is also involved in this project to conduct periodic reviews.

Project Delivery Process and Communication

The agile model is used for delivery. 

Weekly calls are scheduled with the customer to understand their requirements and plan sprints accordingly using Jira.

Confluence pages are used for the design and specification of the product feature. 

Zoom and MS teams are used for communications.

Tools and Technologies Used

ASP .NET MVC 5 framework is being used.

Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML are used for the front end. 

SQL Server and Azure tables are the two databases used. 

Many azure services like web job, web app, queue, blob storage, and worker role have also been used.

Paypal and Stripe payment gateways are integrated.