Front-end Web Development Services

At AFourTech, front end web development services guarantee better usability – absolutely intuitive UI that reflects real-world business data. We make UI Design come alive and ensure that your users have the best visual experience. Our UI team has the dynamic content on your website sorted, from customized controls to any out-of-the box ideas that you have in mind.  Apart from HTML5 and CSS, AFourTech’s front end developers have an exhaustive experience in implementing MVC frameworks for UI development, scaffolding architecture for UI, and ScalaCSS for strongly typed CSS styling. Our Mobile First approach makes sure that your website looks perfect across all devices – be it a tablet, a smartphone, or a desktop. In short, we ensure that your website has a Responsive Web Design, with cross-platform testing in a fully-equipped Mobile Device Lab. Our test-driven development approach – reduced number of bugs, improved code quality, easier maintenance of code that is easily comprehensible, and automated regression tests –  along with Agile methodologies for web development have garnered a positive response from our clients.

AFourTech’s sound expertise in front end development services –

  • E-Commerce / Retail domain – UI for several E-commerce and Retail domain websites, web apps, digital marketplaces, and tools.
  • Interactive Entertainment domain – Various portals for digital entertainment
  • Healthcare – Web apps, websites, and analytics tools for healthcare.

Based on the UX design – wireframes and prototypes – we develop the user interface and see to it that every functionality is present in the final product. For instance, using Elasticsearch for providing a comprehensive search functionality.  Our Full Stack Developers have myriad front end programming skills to make your web development project stand out. Integrating real-world business logic with front-end application is our forte.

We create responsive websites that adapt to multiple platforms, umpteen number of resolutions, and devices. We have an extensive experience in developing rich web apps with enhanced product usability. Our web applications adhere to the best practices and standards for cross-browser compatibility and accessibility. Our front-end developers meet accessibility standards at code level, and maintain as high code quality. From requirements gathering to maintenance, each sprint is reviewed and the client’s inputs are considered before every release. All in all, we ensure that your front-end web application integrates with the business logic.

Tech Stack

  • jQuery, Bootstrap 3.x
  • MVC frameworks – AngularJS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS
  • Scaffolding architecture for UI – ReactJs, TypeScript, Elasticsearch, ExpressJS
  • ScalaCSS for strongly typed CSS styling
  • Scala.js, scalajs-react, scala diode, Scalatags and other frontend technologies related to scala.js
  • React Routing for SEO
  • PayPal Payment Gateway APIs