Our DevOps Consulting services are classified into four categories.

We are a DevOps services provider and offer the best DevOps Consulting Services in USA and India. Our Offerings are classified into four categories.

– Classical DevOps: We provide build engineering and associated automation, CI/CD pipeline designing and automation, infrastructure provisioning & configuration management and related automation.

– SysOps: We provide systems support in the form of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM). It is aimed at monitoring and upgrading customer’s environments.

– CloudOps: We provide cloud environment-related deployment, monitoring and support services. It includes cloud platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, Azure as well as OpenStack based environment.

– DBOps: Here, our database administrator provides database development-related services and production support for the databases.

DevOps: Business problems solved for our customers:

DevOps Services for a Healthcare Customer: We configured a docker based infrastructure using Azure Kubernetes Services.

DevOps Services For an IoT Customer: We configured a Dockerized solution using Docker and Kubernetes.

DevOps Services for a Healthcare customer: We designed and maintained a DevOps environment using Azure DevOps ecosystem.

DevOps Services for a Networking Infrastructure Application Customer: We designed a deployment pipeline using Docker and Docker Swarm.

AFour Technologies designed and implemented a disposable test environment on AWS for a Volunteer Management Software system.

For a software system designed with a microservices pattern, we developed CI/CD pipeline and Dockerized deployment solution using Kubernetes.

We built a customized VPN solution on AWS for a mobility customer.

For a healthcare customer, we support their datacenter and SysOps operations for windows-based infrastructure.

For a Call and Media analytics customer, we provide 12 * 7 L1, L2, L3 support for Linux based infrastructure and Postgres databases. For this customer, we have migrated Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 16.04 for SOC 2 compliance.

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DevOps Services:

We are a classical DevOps services provider, like designing automation infrastructure and configuration management, designing CI/CD pipelines focused on build engineering and related automation, and CloudOps services.

We provide consulting, designing and implementation services in cloud infrastructure for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as OpenStack and associated CloudOps. This process involves lift and shift of support, database migration, designing and implementation of container-based infrastructure.

We provide L1, L2, L3 support for Linux, Windows-based infrastructure as well as Virtualization environment. We also offer 12*7 IT support for our US as well as India customers, typically done through Remote Infrastructure Management.

We provide 12*7 support for the Postgres database in production as well as development environments.

Team Composition:

Our software architects play the role of DevOps architects. They have more than ten years of industry experience in designing and implementing DevOps strategies for different types of software systems.

It includes a variety of deployment environments, including cloud-based multi-tenant environments or large on-prem scale distributed environments.

We have DevOps engineers having 3-5 years of experience which contributes to implementing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure provisioning, configuration management using required tools and help with POC implementations.

Infrastructure provisioning and configuration management using tools like Chef, Ansible.

Monitoring deployments using tools like Nagios, Prometheus. Hands-on experience and exposure to CloudOps for AWS, Azure, GCP and OpenStack and guide Database Administrators for DbOps.

They are hands-on with at least one programming as well as scripting language such as C#, Java, Python along with Windows PowerShell or Linux Shell script.

Our DevOps engineers have up to 5 years of experience and are hands-on with one or more programming languages and scripting utilities such as PowerShell or Shell script.

They are hands-on with appropriate tools for build management, CI/CD, infrastructure provisioning and configuration management. They are hands-on with services on the cloud environment and have excellent skills with Windows and Linux operating systems.

DevOps Services: Tools and Technologies

AFour Tech is well known for variety of DevOps services, like infrastructure provisioning & configuration management and related automation, we use Chef and Ansible.

For build engineering and automation, we use Maven and Gradle, and Jenkins for CI activities.

For container-based deployments we user Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

We use Linux Shell scripting, Windows PowerShell scripting for automating relevant tasks.

We use Java, Python or C# for building custom utilities for DevOps activities.

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We offer exceptional DevOps Consulting Services in the USA and India. Our offerings include Classical DevOps, SysOps for remote infrastructure management, CloudOps for cloud deployment and support, and DBOps for database development and production support.