Fundamental Concepts of Data Engineering & Applications

Introduction to Data Engineering

Deep Dive into Data Engineering

Data Visualizations using Google Data Studio

Architect Applications to solve Business Problems

Cloud Services for Data Engineering & Data Visualization

Introduction to BIG DATA ECOSYSTEM

Data Visualizations – Power Bi


Why should you attend these webinars?

Today, Data Engineering has proven to be a useful practice and helps in accelerating the company’s growth. One can attend these webinars to understand the basics of some of the fundamental concepts of data engineering & its applications.

Who can be a part of this community?

Are you interested in Data Engineering, starting from very fundamental concepts? Anyone who wants to become a data engineer or curious about data engineering is welcome to be a part of this awesome community.

What can you expect from these webinars?

The team of Data Engineering experts at AFourTech will deliver sessions on how to architect large scale systems from a data engineering perspective or work with huge amounts of data. Together we will dwell into the depths of Data Engineering practices and learn how to implement it in different scenarios.