Background of the Field

AFourTech has strong expertise in providing adept Cyber Security Testing Services in USA and India.

Previously we have worked on very large-scale enterprise applications and security solutions based on different fields like storage, finance, and healthcare.

For us, Information Security is always of prime concern because if it is compromised, then it would cause substantial financial and reputational implications.

With rapid innovation going on in the cloud and IoT, the threat surfaces have multiplied in the recent past. Today, hackers don’t hack for fun, but they steal data and money.

So, we help customers build cyber security testing services that are not only high performing but have robust security measures implemented around information security.

Our solutions target confidentiality of data, the integrity of data, and high availability of their information.

Why AFour Tech for your cyber security testing needs?

Problems Solved for our Customers

We have customers in all these four areas IoT, cloud, web, and mobile.

For cyber security testing services, we have helped customers to build highly secure cloud labs where their information systems are running. We have also provided a complete security audit report to or customers so that they can share it with their customers & can monitor their solutions whether they are safe and secure from adversaries.

This cloud security services project that we worked on includes architecture, designing production, staging, and Dev labs. It included virtual private enters, configuring networks, rules, security groups, policies as well as in-depth detailed analysis of their virtual machines. Also ensured that they are free from malware and any security misconfigurations. We use industrial benchmarks like CIS to evaluate security misconfigurations on their windows and Linux systems.



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Cloud security services for web and mobile app security, we do a pen test and provide a report on open vulnerabilities and already addressed vulnerabilities.

We start from threat modelling to find the vulnerabilities in the architecture followed by surveillance, scanning. After exploring these vulnerabilities, we use tools to exploit these and ensure that the solution is entirely safe and secure when it goes down to production.

Our backend security services

Storage: We have helped many clients to architect solutions for data protection. Our expertise is to provide answers on authentication, authorization, data encryption at transit, data encryption at rest. At the same time, we are ensuring the maintenance of data should be with high integrity and high availability.

IoT: We started this service at the start of 2018. In IoT, we evaluate the entire IoT ecosystem, which includes mobile and web apps, cloud infrastructure as well as firmware.

In IoT, we employ techniques to extract the code from the firmware to identify security vulnerabilities in their system. It’s done by exploiting business logic as well as by identifying sensitive information like keys, credentials and other sensitive settings that are vulnerable.

Services we Provide

At AFour Technologies, we primarily focus on four cyber security testing services: Web application security, mobile application security (android/iOS), cloud infrastructure security, and IoT security.

Team Composition

We have a team of 10, which includes security architects as well as penetration testers. All of them are very experienced, and the background of most of the engineers are masters in information security. 

Cyber security testing services: Tools & Technologies

We use highly recommended industry standard tools which provide highly precise and detailed reports on security vulnerabilities. We use Kali Linux, Metasploit, Burp Suite, Nmap, for most of the types of applications on which we work.

Specifically, for mobile, we use Drozer, Android Studio, apk tools.

Cloud: For amazon, we use Amazon GuardDuty, CloudTrail for audits.

IoT: We have some hardware that helps us identify and extract debug logs using JTAG, UART, Bin Work for code extraction.


Hall of Fame Awards: Bug Bounty Programs

Our employees are consistently pushing the bar and are inducted into the hall of fame of various sites and brands for reporting security issues, exploitation issues and vulnerabilities. Some of them include Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, Dell Technologies, Panasonic, Broadcom, Nokia, TechGig, Motorola, Dutch Government, Government of India, University of Cambridge, University of York, Blackberry, Ericsson & Hitachi etc.


Explore our services below to see exactly how AFour Technologies can help you tackle the complex challenges facing your organization.


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AFourTech offers expert Cyber Security Testing Services in the USA and India. We prioritize information security, delivering high-performing solutions for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability across diverse sectors.