Configuration Management Service is a DevOps practice of managing and automating all the configurations of the software applications and the underlying infrastructure reduces the time taken to spin up the required resources to deploy the application.

Business Problems we Solved for our Customers

For a VMS customer, we have designed and implemented disposable test environments on the cloud using Chef.

For a network threat detection customer, we have designed and implemented their configuration management using Ansible on the AWS cloud.

Services we Provide

We provide expert DevOps Configuration Management Services in USA and India like designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines which focus more on build engineering and related automation, designing and implementing infrastructure provisioning and configuration management.

The Team Composition

We have DevOps engineers having 3-5 years of experience who contributes to implementing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure provisioning, configuration management using required tools and help with POC implementations. We have senior DevOps engineers and leads who have more experience in designing and implementing in all these areas and all the latest tools and technologies.

Tools and Technologies, we Use

We have expertise in most of the configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.


Connect with us

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