Scope of Work

  • IT environments today are highly mixed – with multiple virtualization platforms as well as multiple public cloud deployments such as AWS, IBM Soft Layer, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud and others. While it has become easier to move workloads between platforms and clouds, the cost impact of moving workloads is unknown, leading to unexpected charges, or worse, un-noticed waste of IT resources.
  • Scope of the work included to build a next generation cost management platform that brings unprecedented cost visibility of running a workload in various cloud environments and recommends cost saving measures.
  • The software shows the benefits/costs of moving workloads to cloud by discovering on premise workloads, perform what if analysis, right sizing the resources and recommend the cloud templates for optimal cost performance of the workload.
  • In addition to the cost management, visualization of the virtualized environment & collecting data from virtualized environment were also built.

Tools and Technologies

  • AngularJS
  • High Charts
  • Java – Backend REST API
  • PayPal Payment Gateway APIs