Cloud Enablement and Testing

AFour is a leader in specialized software quality engineering services. Established in 2007, the company has brought together some of the strongest and most passionate experts in the field of software quality. With a laser sharp focus on software quality and engineering, AFour offers specialized services including DevOps, Performance Engineering and Monitoring and Cloud Enablement and testing, to complement its expert testing services. Even as applications move to the cloud and online services continue to grow, the nature of testing is evolving and so is our test organization. We have aligned our capabilities and service offerings with the new trends in technology. For instance, we recognize the fact that no matter how extensive the functional testing of products and services is, a Test Plan is incomplete if QA of service quality encompassing service availability, resilience, fault-tolerance, and maintainability is not accounted for.

We help high technology products and services to migrate to the Cloud with our Cloud Enablement and testing service. Our DevOps service introduces agility in the SDLC by acting as a glue between Development and Operations, and helping our customers rapidly deliver products and services, through reduced downtime during deployment and more structured, repeatable, measurable and continuous testing cycles. Starting from the Architecture Performance review through deployment and maintenance, robustness and resilience of the applications and services is ensured with our Performance Engineering and Monitoring service.

The co-founders of the company have extensive experience in the field of Software Testing and Quality Engineering, having held senior management roles in leading independent testing services organizations like Disha, Aztecsoft itest and MindTree’s Testing Business Unit. The company has test and engineering centers in Redmond, USA and Pune, India.