Background of the Field

AFourtech is a product engineering services company.

We are an AWS solutions provider that enable our customers to move to the cloud.

As a part of our DevOps strategy, we have essentially moved into the cloud since last few years.

Most of our customers being start-ups and SMEs; the critical requirement for them is cloud enablement.

Our customers want to move their workloads into the cloud and enable solutions that move or reach to their customers faster.

This endeavour helped AFourTech to move into AWS solutions.

AWS solution is the market leader in the cloud computing arena, and we have been a consulting partner with AWS and solving business problems for our customers.

AWS Managed Services we Provide

On a brief level, the services that we provide are:

Cloud-native solutioning: Here, we develop business solutions for our customers’ native to the cloud.

We do cloud migration where we move a workload from on-premise to AWS solutions.

AWS solutions are responsible for cloud cost optimization.

AWS solution maintain production and staging infrastructure for our customers.

Problems Solved for our Customers

Business problems that we have solved for our customers range from cloud migration where we have moved on-premise workload of our customers to AWS solution.

Cloud cost planning, here we provide an estimate of what would be the cost to move from on-premise to cloud.

We have helped clients in optimizing their cloud cost.

As an AWS solution providers, we have developed in-house frameworks which enable customers to pave through the journey of incremental optimization. Thus, proving to be beneficial in the long run.

Worked with customers in developing solutions and also testing them on the cloud.

We have developed utility accelerators to test the infrastructure across the cloud in a disposable manner.

Team Composition

We have a healthy mix of senior, mid-level and junior level engineers.

The team consists of certified architects, developers and administrators.

We do on-board engineers based on the requirement of the customers.

Our cloud managers have the right cloud insight and cloud domain knowledge which enables them to work with customers and enable them to move to the cloud

Tools & Technologies

We have worked with Amazon cloud computing to a larger extent.

Essential services that we have worked on from a compute standpoint is EC2, cloud container service, elastic container service, Kubernetes cluster management.

In storage, we have worked with Amazon S3 and Amazon Elastic File System.

In networking, we have worked with Amazon Route 53 and Amazon VPC.

On the Data Engineering domain, we have hosted Apache Hadoop Framework, Amazon EMR and Kinesis (data streaming platform) to process the events.

On the database side, we have hosted Amazon RDS. We have worked with different open source flavours like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Commercial flavours: Oracle and SQL server.

On the data warehousing side, we have worked with Amazon Redshift, and for reporting, we have worked with Amazon QuickSight.

On CI/CD side we have worked with Elastic Beanstalk to enable CI/CD environment and ensure a continuous delivery process for our customers.