Year-end Quotes from industry leaders and expectation from 2023

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Mr. Subodh Parulekar, CEO and Co-Founder, AFour Technologies: 2022 saw cybersecurity come into the spotlight as a high-priority area, even as attacks continued. As many as 54% of organizations experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months. Around 75% of organizations have experienced some form of security incident due to credential theft, lost/stolen devices, or ransomware attacks. In 2023, we expect to see ransomware protection come into its own through the choice of security tools that a company makes and the training it imparts to its employees. Cloud configuration will also take priority, as misconfigurations can account for up to 70% of all cloud-related challenges – IT teams will take on a more proactive role in testing out different cloud vendors before signing one on. And finally, identity threat detection and response will become a top priority when designing IT infrastructure. Given that hybrid work is here to stay, cybersecurity needs to expand and adapt to the needs of a remote economy – both small and large organizations must therefore build robust practices to dissuade attacks and minimize the damage if they do occur.

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