World Password Day 2022: Quotes from the industry

In today’s fast-evolving and mutating digital age, securing your information and protecting your privacy is extremely important. With our AI-backed analysis, we have realized that the key to any smooth-functioning digital process is its security. As a rule, password protection needs to be robust – more so today, due to the transition to a blended model of working, where many people blend their personal and professional working methods, as well as devices. Similar or shared passwords might become a liability to the individual and to their company, making both parties prone to attacks. This World Password Day, we urge everyone to secure their accounts, information, and privacy by strengthening their passwords and also to use 2-factor authentication wherever possible. Small steps like this will go a long way in securing entire ecosystems of data and privacy.’

– Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni, MD & Co-Founder, AFour Technologies

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