World Mental health Day 2021: How Companies Are Ensuring the Mental Wellbeing of their Employees

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“Adapting to the new normal has been a challenge for employees in trying to create an ideal work-life balance. Companies are recognizing this and adopting measures to curb the psychological and emotional impact of this on their workforce. Businesses need to create an open culture by encouraging conversations across levels on new and emerging challenges, the toll it takes on individuals mentally, and how to address them. On this World Mental Health Day, it is crucial that we work together to highlight the importance of mental health and to do away with the many taboos associated with it. At AFour Technologies we have a large and distributed workforce of over 350 employees. The mental and emotional well-being of members has always been a focus and we have implemented various initiatives to keep our employees engaged in a positive and vibrant work culture,”

-Mahesh Kulkarni, MD & Co-Founder, AFour Technologies.

Read the full article at Business News This Week

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