It won’t be an overstatement if it is said that the IT world is getting ‘Virtualized’. The interest and growth in the domain of ‘Server Virtualization’ is alarming. As the hardware is becoming cheaper and more powerful day-by-day, the need for the efficient utilization of the hardware resources, flexibility in managing the virtual labs and virtual resources is giving rise to the basic server and desktop virtualization implementations and also the products based on virtualized solutions. Many cloud hosting enterprises are also implementing virtualization solutions for reduced cost and maintenance. Thus, needless to say, the quality of virtualization products is also becoming key area of concern.

Quality engineering in the virtualization domain presents few challenges such as interoperability testing (Across platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.), data loss prevention and recovery, connectivity continuation and the performance of the virtual machines.

At AFour, a qualified team of engineers is well equipped with the knowledge of several virtualization implementations such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V to name a few and has expertise in cross-platform performance testing, test automation and manual testing of the virtualization implementations and virtualization based products.

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