UI/UX Story


Background of the Field 

For any company working in the software product landscape, a  good user experience is necessary for survival. 

Today, designing a product doesn’t just mean creating an aesthetically pleasing interface, but also demands a user-centric problem solving approach that leads to innovation. 

Keeping the end users in mind, we assist product companies craft features that their  users actually need and are easy and delightful to use.

Services we Provide 

Our services span across the entire software product design-timeline. 

These include but are not limited to devising user experience strategy, conducting user research studies, building information architecture and designing interactive prototypes.   

We’ve also partnered with companies to create and maintain scalable design systems for their products, or to execute a  visual makeover of their existing legacy product.

Problems Solved for our Customers 

We’ve partnered with a number of customers spanning different verticals to create new or improve the existing design of their products.    

One of our customers working in the oil and gas industry wanted us t​o create a cross-browser platform that can be used to configure, manage, trend and report solutions as well as allow field technicians to make necessary changes to the individual configurations.

Among other things, a simple yet critical problem which we identified was that the truck drivers, who constituted one of the primary users of the interface, were facing troubles using the system keyboard as their fingertips were diametrically wider than the average user. 

We designed and implemented a custom keyboard for the entire product interface which brought in a lot of positive feedback from the end-users.    

Recently, we finished off a User Research Study for a leading telecom operator, wherein we identified the usability issues in their application as well as proposed and implemented solutions to them. 

We set up a dedicated usability lab where we invited people from varied demographics to conduct usability assessment for the app. As a result of this exercise, we identified more than 70 usability issues and proposed solutions to them, it eventually helped the customer increase the daily and monthly engagement on their app. 

Team Composition          

We’re a team of multidisciplinary designers with skill sets ranging from UX Design to Visual and Motion Design. 

Our Senior  UX Designers have 5+ years of experience in designing products for web and mobile. 

UX Designers are well-versed with User  Research methodologies as well as best practices and help make data-informed design decisions to our customers. 

Our UI and  Visual Designers have hands-on experience with Adobe Creative  Suite and other creative tools like Procreate.    

In addition to that, through successful implementation of the  Design Thinking methodology, we’ve made sure that everyone in the organization is an experience designer. 

That is to say,  whether it’s a technology architect designing the database or a front-end developer implementing the proposed design, we always keep the end users’ experience in mind.

Tools & Technologies 

We always make it a point to employ design thinking in our  problem-solving approach to give our customers a competitive advantage. Apart from that, we follow the atomic design methodology popularized by Brad Frost to create and maintain design systems.     

Our go-to tool is and always will be a whiteboard and marker to rapidly assess our ideas in the nascent stage. The primary tools used for designing high-fidelity screens is Sketch while we use InVision for prototyping and developer handover. However, we  strongly believe that great designers are not bound by the tools they use. 

We’ve used Figma, InVision Studio and even Photoshop for designing interface as per the comfort of customers.