Brief about the Client and their Product

Client’s organization was formed by a group of ex-Microsoft employees, who all came up with an idea to form this startup. 

The idea was to solve a major challenge of the US healthcare sector; i.e. making patients and doctors aware about the alternative cost-effective medicines. 

The idea was to build a product which would help patients to choose pharmacies of their choice.

Brief about the Kind of Engagement

The project started in July 2018. 

Initial team was formed comprising of three developers to develop microservices using the .NET Core. 

In October 2018 UX engagements were started; later, the UI development was initiated to develop a responsive web application with the feel of a mobile application

Key Highlights/Achievements (Technical/Non-Technical)

Phase 1 completed which consisted of a few key features. 

At the same time, it is successfully rolled out into production for their customers. 

The client is happy with the on-going work.

Team Composition

The team consists of an architect, senior developers, UX designers, UI developers and full stack developers. 

Overall team size is 12.

Project Delivery Process and Communication

Agile delivery model is being followed for this project. 

VSTS boards are used to track bi-weekly sprints and MS -Team is used for communication. 

Zoom is being used for customer calls. 

Internally, Trello boards are used for tracking purposes.

Tools and Technologies 

In this project, React Native and React JS components are to develop front end. 

Framework: .NET Core 

Database: MongoDB and the Cosmos DB. 

Other Azure services being used: Service Bus, Event Hub, Blob Storage, Kubernetes Services, API Management, Application Insights, Active Directory services, Container Registry and many more. 

Google Technologies like GRPC and the Google Protobuf.