Top 3 Popular Trends That Will Be Outdated in Mobile Apps by 2021

Everyone wants to put an end to this stressful pandemic and are hoping for a positive change in 2021. With the promise of a positive transition in 2021, people are looking to resume their normal lifestyle.

Nothing is ever lasting, and the same goes for technology and trends.

Take for example, the sudden ban on PubG in India changed the whole dynamics for the gamers. As a result, it offered Indian investors a golden chance to make the most of the PubG ban.

However, this trend-setting app was out of the trend for political and various other reasons. But there is a range of other technology-related trends that should be considered. These trends play a significant role in any app’s success.

Mobile apps in the past vs Mobile apps today. What has changed?

Back in the 1990s, when there were no smartphones, people did not expect Mobile apps or even play store/AppStore for that matter. Phones were preloaded with apps that were already installed in the backend and could not be uninstalled. Such apps were namely – address book, calculator, calendar, mail, notepad, small arcade games were operated without any internet connectivity, and Mobile App Development was done to perform just basic functionalities.

Things changed drastically when iPhone was launched back in 2007. This revolutionized mobile apps with apps like maps, photos, weather, and of course texting which was new to the market. And with the launch of 3G, there was no looking back. 

There were just 500 apps launched in 2008 through the apple app store and it was a huge success. Following the suite, Google launched its play store in 2012 which changed everything. The users could now download apps, play music, and watch videos all in one single play store.

Mobile apps today have crossed the human population. No, I am not joking. Most people have access to more than one device or tablet.

Mobile App trends that will be outdated by 2021

Let us look at some of the popular trends that we all know today but soon will vanish.

Fingerprint Sensor

With the launch of the fingerprint sensor, security and authentication got a whole new meaning in the mobile world. It facilitated easy to do transactions and increased the confidence of the users. Since the inception of this feature, it has been integrated with various Mobile App Development projects. Today’s Apps support fingerprint authentication which comes in very handy and helpful while using transactional and banking apps. It is safe and secure; however, it only works when the hands are dry and clean. If a person has moist hands or wears gloves, this feature becomes incompetent. 

Users are finding face-scanning technology more secure and authentic. Today, many mobile devices are equipped with a face sensor along with the fingerprint sensor, and soon face recognition will replace the fingerprint technology.

Augmented Reality

In recent years, Augmented reality has taken over the smartphone industry and its development with a great deal of traction. People want to use apps that can give a life-like experience and include them in the process. The biggest evidence of this is the popularity of online gaming applications. The user interface is built in such a way that it all looks genuine. With the lifelike design, these applications allow users to get engaged from the outside world to the inside world of the smartphone app. We see the use of augmented reality in various applications like gaming, fitness, designing, and more.

Virtual Reality is one a step ahead of Augmented Reality. In VR, the user is completely engrossed in the experience of the app. Soon, there is a high possibility that we shall witness a trend that will provide a VR experience without requiring any gears like VR glasses or headsets to render it. E.g., playing a game on a mobile phone with just your fingers’ gestures without even touching the phone.

4G Connectivity

When 4G technology was introduced in the market, mobile app trends shifted towards delivering high connectivity and a seamless user experience. This internet technology made mobile apps work faster and rendered results quickly.

However,5G technology is arriving at such a right time when users are demanding for smooth gameplay experience and buffer-free streaming on OTT platforms.5G is the future of mobile.

By 2021, most mobile apps will be developed with 5G compatibility to provide users with ultra-fast functionality and a live experience.

Therefore, develop mobile apps that are 5G compatible as 5G technology will play a critical role soon.


Technology never stays the same and keeps changing with time. You need to constantly stay updated with the latest and greatest that the market has to offer. In short, to keep the app up to date, you must keep up with the trends and continuously track the transition in the economy, culture, and technology. 

If you want to add features to your app aligning with the latest trends and technologies, consult a mobile app development company.

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