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We are extremely happy with the professionalism and timely delivery of the Security Testing services from AFour Technologies. Security Testing covered OWASP and other Standards has immensely helped us showcase testing coverage to our end clients. Also, the testing report covered clear replication steps, impacts of issues and possible solutions to address the issue.

Dipak Kotkar
Program Manager, Treeni Sustainability Solutions

Over the course of 6+ years, AfourTech has been our sole vendor in providing software testing services. Starting small and manual, we have quickly grown the team and converted to a heavily automated testing methodology. Throughout this process, AfourTech has matured with us and ensured our needs were consistently met……

Stephen Inkpen
Director of Quality Assurance, Docuphase

It’s been an exciting journey working with the team at AFour Technologies. We initiated our engagement with AFour by leveraging their testing services and further expanded our relationship to cover their 360 degrees services – Development, Testing, DevOps, and Documentation. We look forward to continuing our fruitful association with AFour.

Murali Balcha
CTO, Trilio Data

We met AFourTech about a year ago now and as we’re looking for outsourced development testing resources to help us along. We started out kind of slowly with them and chose one developer and we’re really happy with the results

Ed Eykholt
CEO, LivelyGIg

AFour which is a Software Testing Company participated in setting up performance training practice for BioAnalytical Technologies (BAT). I would attribute success of this engagement for the results like – we could identify and rectify immediate performance issues of a key project and at the same time it helped us build an in-house team of skilled resources for further such assignments.

Nirvan Vithani
Assoc VP

AFourTech is a valued partner in our software QA effort. AFourTech systematically built a large automated test suite that covers UI, product functionality and performance. Communication is always excellent as they provide us with daily, weekly and monthly reports. We have also benefited from their expert advice regarding the QA process.

Jean-François Cloutier
CTO, Mind-Alliance Systems

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