DevOps Accelerator : A Vanilla Implementation

As software applications mature over iterations of releases, so do the test automation frameworks which test them. It has now been easier than ever to write simple automated tests with good tools like Selenium WebDriver. However, writing and maintaining good test automation frameworks around the tests is always a challenge. Test automation frameworks need to scale with the application under test.

Every time a new feature is implemented, new changes are made in the underlying test automation. This adds to the cost of maintenance. The code becomes more unmanageable and difficult to understand.

Add to that, new test requirements like API testing, or mobile test automation. The whole test automation framework now is rewritten, or duplicated with customizations, just to incorporate automated testing for these newcomers.

Also, it becomes cumbersome to create, destroy & maintain test execution environments on-demand.

These issues were causing us a lot of heartaches. So, we decided to solve these issues once and for all and launched a project codenamed ‘Vanilla’.

Vanilla, as the name suggests aims to provide a clean, time-tested, well-defined, convention-over-configuration enabled test automation framework, which will provide the basic components that test engineers need to create automated test scripts right away! This would reduce the learning time needed for the understanding of the test automation framework, and help focus on the actual automating of the scripts immediately, thereby saving time and resources.

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