APRIL 24–28, 2017 | SAN DIEGO, CA

Get a 30,000-foot view of IoT device management, testing, automation scale, and machine learning.

Meet our experts at TechWell 2017. We are here to help you in leveraging your key resources and focus on the business value delivered with our IoT services. Learn how our experience will expedite your IoT projects. With our turnkey IoT services, we’ve got you covered.

Meet Karan – AFourTech’s IoT Expert at TechWell

Karan is currently spearheading the IoT Services at AFourTech – Everything from IoT Development, QA, to Deployment. With more than 15 years of experience in software engineering; primarily as a Test Manager at Fortune 500 companies, he has deep domain expertise in IoT, Networking, Systems, Storage, Cloud, and Virtualization technologies. Karan’s exhaustive experience in Software Design and Development, Testing and Release Management has immensely contributed to the development of AFourTech’s proprietary IoT platform and products.

Here’s a glimpse of Karan’s presentation at TechWell

A Fully Automated IoT Test Infrastructure

An IoT Test Infrastructure is designed and developed for testing complex IoT scenarios, that includes different sensors, multiple IoT Gateways, Cloud along with actuation. A fully automated infrastructure that configures sensors, Gateway & cloud in a run time either using physical (real) sensors or simulator or a combination of both. This not only tests the building blocks of IoT architecture, but also uses machine learning to predict the future based on captured data.

Meet us at TechWell 2017

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