Top Software Testing Vendors – 10 Point Checklist for Choosing the Best

With umpteen number of software testing vendors, choosing the right outsourcing vendor can be a hassle. Here are a few pointers for choosing the right testing services –

  1. Expertise

Experience of the software testing vendors in the same or similar industries is a crucial metric before choosing one of them. Based on your project’s requirements; you can decide whether a vendor focused strictly on QA and testing would suit it, or you need someone offering turnkey services like QA, Automation, and Project Management. Make sure that the software testing vendor has enough expertise for testing functional, non-functional requirements; and latent requirements that add to the software’s user appeal.

  1. Personnel

They should have skilled testers with enough experience. They should be able to deliver service excellence in unforeseen events – be it a tighter deadline, change in the client’s needs, or accelerating the project. Scalability and infrastructure (various testing tools) should be considered. Testing and development should be taken up by different teams to ensure testing integrity.

  1. Reputation

The best software testing firms are on good terms with their customers, deliver business value, and are established, players. Apart from ISO and CMMI standards, the vendor should meet requirements unique to your project.

  1. Pricing

Your decision for choosing a particular vendor should also be justified based on its pricing. Though the best vendors can cost more, the business value delivered is cost justified.

  1. Security

The software testing services provider should assure IP protection, project confidentiality, disaster recovery, and data backup. They should take security measures on an enterprise level for advanced technologies like cloud. Securing mobile platforms should also be on their list of priorities.

  1. Automation

The vendors should have a better turnaround time, and be skilled with the testing tools already in use.

  1. Innovation

The software vendors should be well versed with cutting edge technologies like IoT and cloud. Pre-built automation and project tracking systems that facilitate the streamlining of a project can be another measure of the vendor’s inclination towards being innovative.

  1. Approach

A delivery-driven approach can minimize costs with a single model. A vanilla model that seamlessly integrates with the client’s end.

A client-driven approach delivers a bespoke service model that is customized from scratch. This model suits varying testing needs that are complex.

  1. Documentation

The software testing vendors should have standard documentation templates for test cases and test plans. They should also provide test scripts, reports, and statistics for improving software quality. Documentation for accessing the bug tracking systems and other tools used by the vendor should be available.

  1. Project Management

They should be able to consult about the project management methodology that suits your requirements. An offshore team should use project management tools that are quickly accessible and have a streamlined escalation and status reporting process.