Software Architecture Consulting Services in USA and India

AFour Technologies has been a leader in providing adept Software Architecture Consulting Services in USA and India for nearly a decade. Our vendor-neutral viewpoint, a global network of technology expertise, ecosystem relationships, and the ability to innovate uniquely position us to add value for our clients.

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, Software Solution Architecture is a process of analyzing business requirements, and at the same time, developing, documenting and reviewing the solution with the relevant stakeholders. It spans across functions that attempt to solve the business requirement.

Software solution architecture broadly focuses on Business boundaries, data architecture, security architecture, application architecture, integration requirements, technology, and DevOps aspects.

At AFour, our Solution Architects are the heart of innovation who typically provide the solution architecture keeping in mind the holistic view of all aspects of the solution.

Our Software Solution Architecture is a blueprint for the Technology Architect/System Architect to implement the solution in an agreed technology space.

Business Problems we Solved for our Customers

AFourTech’s engagement with the customer in the sales phase itself starts with a Software Solution Architecture. The Solution Architect analyses the business requirements of the customer and proposes the solution that ticks the boxes in all aspects.

We have provided technical leadership for our clientele varying from building greenfield applications, re-platforming existing legacy systems to emerging architectures, micro-service architectures, cloud-native solutions, data engineering solutions, and ultimately going serverless.

The business problems we solved spanned across verticals, especially in Healthcare, FinTech, New Data Centre Technologies, and Ecommerce.

Our approach to software solutions always keeps the core tenet of software reliability. Hence, DevOps architecture is still part of the software solution architecture and is not an afterthought.

Services we Provide

We provide Architectural Consulting Services, where the outcome of the process is to define the solution for the business requirements.

The solution services include defining micro-services based, serverless, cloud-native, data engineering, emerging UI architectures, and native mobile app solutions.

Additionally, we also undertake re-platforming of existing legacy systems into new technologies.

The Team Composition

We have a mix of Senior Solution Architects with an average experience of 12+ years, and technology architects across Java, .NET, Python, Node.js, Big Data (Hadoop, Spark), Front-end (React, Angular), and native mobile app development experts. Our experts have an average experience of 10+ years in respective technology areas.

Software Solution Architecture: Tools and Technologies

We work with Java, .NET, Python, Node.js, Data Engineering, AWS, Azure, React, Angular, iOS, and Android predominantly.

Across these technology areas, we also use popular frameworks, especially Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Django, Flask, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Express.js, Hadoop, Spark, AWS Cloud Services, Azure Cloud Services, React.js, React Native, Angular JS, Angular 4+.

We work with databases ranging from RDBMSes like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server, document database MongoDB. Key-value stores like DynamoDB, Caching database Redis Cache, a multi-model database like CosmosDB, time-series databases like Prometheus, InfluxDB and graph databases like Neo4j.

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