Secure, scalable, and quality software that meets the customer’s requirements are the hallmarks of AFourTech – a custom software development company USA, that delivers services par excellence.

Founded in 2007, AFourTech is an ISO certified organization that has honed its software development services with an excellent track record over ten years.

Bringing together the best people in the field, we are a custom software development company in USA, of a different kind. We have created prominent benchmarks in the software engineering industry by working with giant conglomerates like Intel and IBM as well as innovative start-ups.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure adheres to every security standard, thus making them well- equipped and capable of understanding enterprise-grade software implementations. Whether you are looking for a cog in the wheel, or mission-critical software – AFourTech has the right personnel and resources to maximize ROI and reduce TCO.

As a custom software development company in USA, our services include front-end development services, C/C++, Big Data, IoT, web, desktop, middleware, firmware, and IT Infrastructure development. They have adopted agile development methodologies to ensure that the customer’s inputs are incorporated in each sprint and throughout the product life cycle. Keeping up with every cutting-edge technology – SDN, Hyperconvergence, NextGen Data Centers, Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Big Data Analytics is AFourTech’s forte.

As a custom software development company USA, AFourTech offers Front-end development, SaaS, mobile app and web app development. We have expert software development engineers having hands-on experience in front-end MVC frameworks (Angular, Ember, Knockout) UI development using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

We believe in the implementation of a test-driven approach by thoroughly reviewing every release with automated regression tests; while also ensuring easy maintenance of code. AFourTech’s UI development is focused on better usability while ensuring that every functionality is mirrored in the final product, and it reflects real-world business data. The domains covered include retail, healthcare, e-Commerce, interactive entertainment, and digital marketplaces.

Our web development services reflect their sound knowledge of the underlying OS and platforms as well.

Our UI development services reflect –

Expertise in developing complex backend by using Java. Hands-on experience on Java

Frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate etc.

Expertise in developing backend systems using Python and hands-on experience in frameworks like Flask, Django

Expertise in RESTful backend server development with Node.js, Scala

Expertise in PHP framework/CMSs like Magento, Laravel. Experience on Smarty template engine

Comprehensive experience in working on NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Elastic Search

Experience in working on relational databases like MySQL, MSSql and Oracle

IoT development is yet another domain in which AFourTech has deep technical expertise – scripting in Python, C++ for firmware development and Mobile App development (Android, iOS, Xamarin, Hybrid, as well as native apps), development using middleware like Kafka messaging queue.

We have extensive experience in middleware development for IoT gateways and aggregators using open-source middleware platforms like OpenHab and Kaa.

At AFourTech, we have extensive expertise in ETL development. Our proprietary ETL engine extracts, transforms and loads data at each stage of the data warehousing architecture and ensures that decision-makers get actionable insights.

We also have the best resources for providing offshore custom software development services. With on-site resources reducing, and minimum salaries being doubled, it is pretty hard to find the right people with easily transferable skills in the US time zones.

AFourTech as a custom software development company USA, has come up with a brilliant solution to work around the US time zones and provide resources in the US time zones at offshore rates, as well as USA based local resources. Adding a feather to our cap, we have worked with top software companies in the US and are considered a gold standard in software development outsourcing.

Our Proven Craftsmanship

AFourTech’s mantra is to love what we do while always looking for opportunities to improve. We strive to improve through robust R&D, continual internal education, and regular visits to industry events. The result? You can count on us to serve you the best amalgamation of tech stacks to solve your business challenges.


AFour Tech, as a custom software development company USA, builds relationships based on trust and openness is our forte, and we always look forward to embedding these values into our flexible and low-risk development process. Our working style always ensures that each client has maximum visibility into the project. For us, the process of gaining trust doesn’t end with the end of the project, because we take full responsibility for what we deliver not only until the job is done but also beyond that.

Flexibility – Our way of working 

In this ever-changing business landscape, product requirements often change rapidly. So, we believe in sticking to our agile mindset, as we are always ready to accommodate a changing scope, train and ramp up the team accordingly, or master a new technology according to the client’s business needs.


A well-equipped and committed team is always the lifeline of any project. We believe in working in a way that never feels like managing a vendor. Our well-trained professionals make our clients’ objectives their own and cooperate impeccably to make it happen.

At AFourTech, our personnel are trained professionals in security, which includes conducting stand-alone security audits for our clients.

We follow the best practice of writing client applications utilizing secure coding practices, as well as security architecture principles, such as the principle of least privilege,

We build applications which are fail-safe, serves the economy of mechanism, built on the platform of open design, fulfilling the separation of opportunity, etc.

The code we write is audited in-house for SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. Input is usually taint-checked by the application before being processed.

As one of the leading custom software development companies in India, we are also one of the leading Software Development Companies In USA. AFourTech’s outsourced software development services deliver business value and have proved to be the lifeline of a viable business.

When it comes to delivering the custom software application development that you need, we believe in leaving no stone unturned to meet your requirements in the best possible manner. So, you can rely on us for our state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-end expertise and knowledge of our seasoned developers for serving your business needs.