Software Design & Development

AFour Tech focuses on Software Design and Development Services. We focus on the following areas:

With mission to provide competitive edge to our partners, and hence to catalyze product engineering activities of our partners, we focus on lean methodologies, agility, innovative culture and have strong emphasize on technology skills of our team.

AFour’s software development work is complemented by its strong QA team. Best practices of testing along with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment are followed in order to ensure high quality of deliverables. Best software engineering practices, effective communication and collaborative efforts are ensured through automated tool based systems.

Development Capabilities

  • Expertise in developing complex backend by using Java. Hands on experience on Java Frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate etc.
  • Expertise in developing backend systems using Python and hands on experience in frameworks like Flask, Django
  • Expertise in RESTful backend server development with Node.js, Scala
  • Expertise on PHP framework/CMSs like Magento, Laravel. Experience on Smarty template engine
  • Comprehensive experience in working on NOSQL databases like MongoDB, Elastic Search
  • Experience in working on relational databases like MySQL, MSSql and Oracle