Background of the Field:

Someone has rightly said that to run the aviation industry efficiently; at a minimum, we need two types of people. Ones who can design and develop great aeroplanes and the ones who can fly them efficiently for commercial purposes. 

At AFour first type of people come under the Design and Dev Center of Excellence and the second type of people come under the Reliability Engineering Center of Excellence.

Reliability engineering practice at AFour focuses on verification and validation of products, test automation, cloud infrastructure provisioning and configuration management, building ci/cd pipelines, monitoring and sustenance engineering.

Business problems we solved for the customers

For a call and media analytics customer, we assisted in migrating their massive fleet of Linux servers from Linux 12.04 to Linux 16.04. Our teams also fixed the technology compatibility issues that occurred during this migration. We have also assisted this customer with production database support for PostgreSQL. We have been providing 12 * 7 sustenance engineering as well as production support for this customer.

For an automated document management product customer, we assisted in building CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps ecosystem. Also integrated our automated test suite in the pipeline.

For a healthcare information exchange customer, we partnered as a reliability engineering team. We automated their legal compliance test suite. We built, managed and monitored the production environments for the Beta customers.

For an e-commerce customer, we managed dev, QA, staging as well as production environments on the AWS cloud and ensured timely releases to the production as per the defined sprints.

Services We Provide

End to end reliability engineering services comprising of automated testing, automated infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, ci/cd pipeline design and development, production environment monitoring and Sustenance engineering.

We work as an extended team for Testing and Test Automation, DevOps implementation. We assist in defining cloud strategy, deployment and monitoring.

We provide 12 * 7 sustenance engineering as well as DBA support.

The Team Composition

We have around 150 influential people for reliability practice.

Most people are a combination of Software Development Engineer and Test as well as DevOps.

Our Reliability Engineering Architects have 10+ years of experience with excellent hands-on skills of various open-source as well as commercial tools. They have worked for ISV products as well as enterprise solutions in different areas of reliability engineering.

Our reliability engineers are 3 to 10 years of experience with good programming skills, excellent debugging as well as troubleshooting skills and can adapt to a wide range of technologies and tools.

Our technical project managers can engage with the customers with clarity of goals, proactive, predictable and reliable communication while understanding scope, cost and time aspects of the projects.

Tools and Technologies

Our teams are hands-on with cloud technologies of AWS, Azure, GCP as well as Openstack

We work on cloud-specific DevOps CI/CD pipelines such as Azure DevOps, AWS Code Pipeline, as well as open-source tools like Jenkins.

We have a great automated testing practice which can automate test cases for API, Web, as well as mobile interfaces and can integrate these seamlessly with the respective CI/CD pipeline.

Our DevOps engineers use Ansible, Chef, Octopus, Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes for infrastructure provisioning as well as configuration management.

Our teams are very good at Python, Java, and C# programming and can work with Linux as well as Windows-based infrastructure.

We have worked extensively on the PostgreSQL database for production support.