Quote on National Computer Security Day | AFour Technologies

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The cybercrime menace accelerated during the pandemic due to many businesses suddenly going digital overnight. But while we continue to forge new ideas and technology, it is vital to ensure that we adequately secure our businesses from cyber attacks. In a world, as interconnected as ours, even a minor breach could leave realms of critical data open to exploitation. Computer security education is the need of the hour for individual users and companies. We are grateful to the initiatives undertaken by the central government prioritizing cybersecurity and the computer specialists who work tirelessly to protect companies from data breaches. On National Computer Security Day, we urge businesses across industries to educate their employees on simple security practices like changing passwords regularly, using secure networks to log into work portals, regularly backing up data, and installing firewalls on their devices. The future is digital, and we at AFour strive to make it safe for all.”

Mr. Swapnil Naik, Senior Director of Engineering, AFour Technologies.

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