Platform Migration

Every day with a new dawn there is something that is technologically advancing, and companies who deal with technology need to keep themselves updated, otherwise they will get outdated and will be nowhere in the race. To be in the race and keep up the pace, companies need to migrate to new, technologically advanced and more sophisticated platforms on a regular interval.

But these are large and complex programs that are not easy to implement, and one wrong step can impact many crucial business areas and applications within the organization. The risks involved with platform migration are massive, and if not planned and implemented well then, they may not deliver expected results and cause huge losses. So, to make the platform migration process smooth and easy, AFourTech brings vast experience in platform migration services. Our services include:

  • Database migrations/upgrades
  • Hardware or software end-of-life migrations
  • Migrations involving application consolidation
  • Upgradation due to standardization initiatives
  • Changes due to mergers and acquisitions

Adding the AFourTech Advantage

  • We have an extensive experience in technology migration testing, database migration testing and standard migration testing, including PSS & SQL migration testing.
  • We have a track record of providing a well-established migration test strategy blueprint and fully feasible estimation model that flawlessly assists in cost control while speeding-up the migration process.
  • We have proven expertise in various commercial as well as open source testing and automation tools.

Areas we work for

  • Application re-engineering
  • Platform migration
  • Technology migration
  • Application upgrades

At AFourTech we bring in exceptional migration testing expertise, best in class practices, and out-of-the-box solutions for testing critical areas and for mitigating risks and challenges. This approach of ours ensures that platform migration projects are completed on time, are within the budget, without compromising quality.

Java Migration

Businesses look for scalability, and migration of legacy systems to Java technologies for web enablement is the need of the hour.

We at AFourTech, enable our clients’ legacy systems to get migrated to Java, so that they can take advantage of Java’s reliability, security, speed and cross platform capabilities along with the enablement of SOA with the latest technologies.

Migrate to Java with amalgamated AFourTech advantage

AFourTech’s’s Java re-engineering and migration services helps organizations to join on fewer platforms and integrate applications more efficiently.

Some of our key Java migration and Java re-engineering offerings are listed as follows:

  • Migration Assessment: Defining migration strategy and migration roadmap identification
  • Application Upgrade: Upgrading the OS/ language/ Database/ IDE/ tools versions and product scripting within existing operating environment.
  • Application Re-Engineering: Reverse engineering, web enabling, re-architecture and redevelopment, post implementation and maintenance support.
  • Technology Migration: Operating System/ Language/ Database/ GUI migration
  • Application Porting: Transferring the applications to new operating system or database
  • Data Migration: Schema translation, data migration and cleansing

Our experienced Java developers help our clients reincarnate their legacy applications either by integrating their legacy systems with new technologies or by porting applications to more stable Java Enterprise Edition.

Linux Migration

AFourTech’s migration services includes a complete concrete solution for migrating from Windows to Linux. Some of our unique services include:

  • Migration process planning
  • Automated migration scripts
  • Anti-virus / Anti-spam solutions
  • Specific migration and deployment details for all relevant technologies.

Why Linux?

If your business is growing, then there is always a threat of cybersecurity as well as instability.  The proliferation of security threats and stability issues in Windows often demands for the necessity of Windows to Linux Migration.

We at AFourTech guarantee smooth transition from Windows to Linux, and our migration services cover areas like:

  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • Directory Services
  • Authentication Services
  • File Services
  • Print Services
  • Email and Messaging Services
  • Groupware and Calendaring Services
  • Web Services
  • Desktop Migration

With Linux becoming more Windows-like in terms of user interface and ease of use, migration will hardly affect business processes.

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