Perl and Python


Perl is often considered to be an ideal web programming language due to its immense text manipulation capabilities and immaculate rapid development cycle. Due to its outstanding capabilities of holding encrypted web data and ecommerce transactions, Perl is gradually acquiring popularity with CGI scripting language.

At AFourTech we have expertise on a vast domain covering almost everything from PERL script development to PERL web development, PERL database applications, GUI development, text mining and much more.

We have a team of well trained and experienced PERL programmers ready to take up any challenge that comes in their way and come up with superior results.

Perl Development – The AFourTech way

Our highly skilled programmers have worked on a lot of Perl based web development projects delivering best results to various clients. We have gained several accolades from our clients by working in different spheres such as:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Web 2.0 portals
  • Corporate websites
  • Job portals
  • Professional networking portals

We have also been working on customers’ demand specific web applications developed with advanced standards and a service-oriented architecture by following modern design trends such as:

  • Perl Custom application development
  • Perl Web-based application development
  • Perl Web service development
  • Perl Software and Script development
  • Perl Database application development
  • Perl CMS development
  • Perl Software support and maintenance
  • Perl Integration Services
  • Perl QA/testing services

AFourTech’s team of Perl developers have an extensive experience and commendable knowledge in application development using Object Oriented Perl and various other supported technologies like:

  • Web Programming: Perl scripting, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), OO Perl, ActiveState Active Perl
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, ODBC, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc.
  • GUI Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
  • Platform: Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Perl modules from and custom Perl module development

Using our resourceful and flexible engagement models we have created a niche for our clients and we are always there to help your business grow in this rapidly growing digital marketplace.


Within a very short time frame Python has emerged to be a powerful, dynamic and flexible scripting language. Python is the best in class open source language and is gradually gaining a lot of attention from the industry experts and developers for its splendid effectiveness.

The beauty of python lies in its capability of executing complex tasks via very few lines of codes using a simple syntax.

At AFour Tech we have helped our numerous clients in creating highly flexible & fast to market products, while assisting them with the integration of Python with their existing technology.

We at AFourTech have a dedicated team of Python developers and experts, AFourTech is well known leader in Python consulting, and we work for diversified domains such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Publishing
  • Consumer services & BFSI sector

We have created a benchmark in the Python web development services domain which includes Python apps development, Python integration framework, Python programming, designing and many more.

Out of the box services that we offer

  • Python Dynamic Website Development
  • Python UI Design and Development
  • Python Web Crawler Development
  • Python Desktop Application Development
  • Turnkey Windows Services Development
  • Python and Active Directory Integration Services
  • Java and Python/Django Integration Services
  • Python and PHP Integration Services
  • Python and ASP .NET Integration Services
  • Python and Perl Integration Services
  • Python Web Services Development
  • Existing Web Application performance monitoring, tuning and scalability
  • Porting of legacy applications to Python-based ones like Migrate ASP.Net to Python

Some of the frameworks we use

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Nameko
  • Pyramid
  • Zope
  • Tornado
  • Aiohttp

Why Python?

Being open source language, it is open to any of the modifications at any point of time.

Python is one of the most easily readable high-level programming language, that means we can assist our clients to easily read and understand their product development process.

Python is extremely versatile due to which it can be clubbed with various existing applications.

It supports multiple programming structures, namely, viz, Imperative, Object oriented and Functional programming.