With the rapid growth of businesses, comes the challenge of achieving and maintaining the desired performance. As the businesses grow there is also an increase in client base and data size which degrades application performance.

In today’s business scenario of neck to neck competition businesses cannot afford even a few milliseconds of degradation in performance, as it would adversely affect their revenue. Hence, to be ahead of the competition and to meet the clients’ expectations, performance and scalability have become the major requirements of every business.

Today, every business regardless of their size, needs tailored performance and scalability architectures to meet their requisite expectations. Deployment of conventional architectures and technology stacks are history now; because addressing performance and scalability issues have become an extremely challenging task.

Providing solutions to these challenges calls for a dedicated performance and scalability engineering expertise. We are at AFourTech are equipped with a team of well experienced performance and security engineers who have a deep knowledge of various use-case-specific technology stacks, computer alternatives and middleware platforms.

AFourTech’s performance scalability solution offers:

  • Reduced rework and costs.
  • Brand protection with software and applications for delivering an outstanding user experience.
  • Faster time development time and enhanced market reach.
  • Massive reduction in testing costs.
  • Superior QA, with 100% defect-free delivery.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, software and web applications have become the lifeline of business processes. Though these applications have enabled the businesses to virtually reach out to their customers; but as we know with every great achievement comes a lot of responsibility too. We all know that World Wide Web is a pool of malicious offenders who create unscrupulous activities and pose a security threat to business. Even a small security breach can cause monetary losses as well as ruin the reputation of the business.

Our aim is to identify potential vulnerabilities in our clients’ applications or products and help them safeguarding their applications, critical database and business logics. To address these vulnerabilities, AFourTech offers a plethora of highly reliable security services to clients using technologies like:

  • OWASP Top 10
  • SANS Top 25

We help our clients to understand, analyze, and act on their security vulnerabilities just in the right context before any attacker exploits them.

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