With constantly changing customer demands and market conditions, there is a need of an IT strategy and infrastructure that is cost-effective, flexible and agile. OpenStack provides an open and flexible framework that many enterprises use as their underlying technology to drive business transformation to a software-defined infrastructure and support their business operations.

To mitigate technology risks, enterprise IT requires an agile and open cloud platform like OpenStack that incorporates new technologies, and is supported by a wide commercial ecosystem. A new software-defined infrastructure is emerging through OpenStack that orchestrates the deployment and allocation of compute, network, and storage resources for application needs at a competitive cost.


AFour Technologies provide IT-as-a-Service to enable business organizations to respond quickly to the demand for new infrastructure services while staying compliant with regulations and protect business and personal data. Using our expertise, you can achieve business agility by provisioning infrastructure from months to few minutes.

Use Case Business Benefits
Setup public and private clouds
  • Enable business agility by setting up highly scalable public and private clouds
  • Configure compute nodes to provide 200 to 300 instances with basic server configuration and can be further scaled up by upgrading hardware
  • Add compute nodes to the cloud to scale out the infrastructure
Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of instances
  • Automated provisioning of CPUs and disks
  • On demand provisioning of instances
Network Provisioning
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of networks
  • Automated segregation of networks from other networks
Application Services
  • Automated provisioning of application services – Web servers, Databases, Messaging servers
  • IOT services to collect and visualize sensor events
Integration of external storage
  • Setup and integrate NFS servers with cloud
Continuous Monitoring
  • Automated monitoring of cloud services and resources
  • Automated notifications on resource utilization
High Availability
  • Setting up cloud instances for high availability
Migrate custom applications to cloud
  • Migrate custom applications to cloud
  • Configuring firewalls to restrict inbound and outbound traffic
  • Configure secure VPNs across cloud networks
Disaster and Recovery
  • Backup and restore cloud instances
  • Backup and restore cloud server systems


With AFour technologies, leverage expert DevOps resources to accelerate cloud adoption and rapid delivery of software to customers. We offer end to end DevOps services helping customers to design and implement a fully automated CI process and technology solution that focuses on continuous development, integration and deployment services.

DevOps Capabilities
  • Automated deployments of OpenStack distributed setups using devops tool AnsibleConfiguring openstack components using Ansible
  • Automated provisioning of Instances
Configuration Management
  • Build Engineering – Branching, Labelling, Conflict resolutionConfiguration Management – Bitbucket Stash, Bamboo
  • Jira integration with bit bucket
  • Automated downloading of application source code from repositories like GitHub using CI tools like Jenkins
  • Automated building of application source code using ANT, Gradle triggered from Jenkins
Test Automation
  • Automated testing of application builds triggered from JenkinsIntegration of test results with test management tools
  • Tempest framework for testing openstack and application APIs
Continuous Deployments
  • Automated deployments of application builds using Ansible
Application Monitoring
  • Monitoring openstack using FuelApplication monitoring using Nagios
Disaster Recovery
  • Automated backup and restore of openstack instances and volumes using 3rd party applications
  • Automated backup and restore of openstack component servers using 3rd party applications
  • Ansible, Fuel, Tempest frameworks, ANT, Jenkins, Bamboo, Nagios, Github



AFour Technologies helps organizations to Improve software quality, reduce costs and accelerate time to market deliveries. The core strength of our testing team revolves around our rich technology experience and mature quality practices in testing functionality, usability, performance, scalability, reliability and security. We are pioneers in building clouds and have built frameworks to automate testing of solutions end to end and deliver in cloud using continuous integration technologies.


Testing Services
Deployment Testing
  • Deploying distributed openstack setups and creating several hundreds of instances and volumes
  • Deploying and integrating NFS servers with openstack
  • Deploying different cinder storage backend like CEPH and NetApp
Functional Testing
  • OpenStack instances backup and restore
  • Cinder volumes data back up and restores
  • Data integrity of backups and restored backups
  • Hot and cold backups
  • Heat to automate openstack tasks like creating instances, start/stop instances, creating volumes
API Testing
  • Validating APIs exposed for integration using tempest framework
Performance and Reliability Testing
  • Load testing of Backup and restore of several hundreds of openstack instances and volumes
  • Performance of compute nodes in terms of number of instances that a single node can support based on hardware configuration
  • Performance tuning of Backup and restore functionalities
  • Validating reliability in results, data loss and consistent patterns in resource usage
  • Performance testing of APIs
Scalability Testing
  • Scalability testing and recommending scale up and scale out sizing guidelines
  • Configuring firewall rules on openstack to restrict inbound and outbound connections
Interoperability Testing
  • Interop labs for certifying products on multiple OpenStack vendors – Rackspace, Mirantis, RedHat and releases – Kilo, Liberty, Icehouse
  • Backup and restore of volumes on Azure, AWS cloud storage interoperability with NetApp
  • Backup and restore of data on Swift testing interop with backup apps like NetApp, VEEAM, Symantec BackupExec and Netbackup
  • Selenium, Java, JUnit, Python, Testlink, Redmine, Dotnet, Jmeter, Advanced REST Client, Cenzic Hailstorm, Nessus