MVP Development Services

MVP consolidates a practical incremental approach by dividing software development into smaller iterations. While the traditional incremental model involves building a small part of the software at each stage which is not completely functional but will obtain a fully working software at the end of all the iterations; the MVP approach involves building a small functional set of modules that are tested and deployed in each iteration.

Here is our methodology and approach to building a Minimum Viable Products(MVP).

Requirements Gathering

AFour has expert personnel on its panel who have experience in working with the customer on understanding their requirements for successful MVP development. We plan MVP methodically by understanding the goals of the product as well as the end user requirements. AFour schedules a comfortable time slot for the customer and hops on Zoom meetings. After this is done we chalk out our strategies to define MVP development sprints for coming up with a lean path to produce deployable pieces of the product. This ensures that after each sprint we have a launch-ready solution solving some particular use cases, thus allowing to introduce the product to market in smaller steps while iterating and adding features based on continuous user feedbacks.

User Experience Design

AFour has an experienced team of UI/UX designers to its talent. The team understands not only the design solutions but also various nuances of the overall development process. As such, they can create minimal user stories of just the required features and save many hours of the development team.

After a customer engages with AFour, the first few cycles are UI/UX sprints. Following this, they identify the use cases and feature flow to prepare the wireframes and finally the high fidelity mockups. The customer gets updates on InVision where they can collaborate and pitch in their opinions. The UI/UX designers will iterate further on the designs till satisfaction.

Project Management

Deciding the minimum set of features for an MVP is a very tactical decision to make and is handled by the highly experienced team. AFour understands that it takes a lot more than a good idea to build a great product startup and helps organizations with their technology success. AFour has successfully catered many startups in helping them build a great product within the defined time-to-market deadlines. With a good pricing plan, AFour helps build the MVP with minimum costs. AFour is well versed in industry standard projects management methodologies making great use of the Agile Methodology. AFour uses Kanban and Scrum frameworks of the Agile Methodology and uses Atlassian Jira to manage projects in timeboxes of sprints.

Development, QA, and DevOps

AFour has talented software development engineers as well as senior technical architects, well versed in iterative and agile development methodologies. They are backed by a talented pool of quality assurance (QA) personnel who focus on ensuring great quality in the product. AFour has production experience with .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Angular, Scala, React, MongoDB, SQL Server, MySQL and many technologies used in product development and engineering.

Our incremental approach for MVPs circumvents the large investments for creating a complete app with exhaustive features in the first go. A product released with minimal core functionalities in the market offers better chances of avoiding mistakes in subsequent iterations saving a lot of unnecessary efforts and costs thus incurred.

Cloud Adoption

AFour believes in making the applications cloud-ready which ensures faster iterations. It has successfully helped adopt organizations deploy to some popular cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This helps in reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) and falls in line with lean product methodology. AFour has cloud architects on its talent who help customers reduce costs whilst enabling the applications to scale. As a result, the continuous iterations of the product are accessible and more viable.