Most Common UI/UX Mistakes Designers make

UX is a key element in creating a successful product. A good product is a combination of outstanding design, high-quality content, and critical features. If you’re designing a web or a smartphone app, the primary goal of the designers is to have a friendly user interface in order to create more user interaction.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

This quote from Steve Jobs fits perfectly with the current design scenario. But what does good UX design mean? UX is all about experiences, and designers need to keep up with the latest technology to analyze and execute these projects.

We mentioned the scope of ‘experience’ and yes it means a lot! It does tell us how to avoid the most common mistakes while executing your UX plans. The below-mentioned points are the cornerstone of any UI, so if you don’t execute them properly, or ignore the key elements, well you might not get a feel-good-design.

Content matters!

Good content is a must for design. The finalized content must be brief, clear, and to the point, which can be easily read by the reader. UX should also include sufficient visuals and images. Visuals are extremely important in conveying the right message. Vision, thoughts, and concepts should be expressed through the medium called design.

UI & UX are not the same

UX design is a little more theoretical and UI design is a little more dynamic and more closely linked to something like graphic design. While the two are identical in certain respects, they are very different. Usually, you’ll find them working together in the same team or the same person who handles both UI & UX, however, they do use different tools, different skills, and they address issues in a different way

Check the fonts!

There is no question of developing revolutionary typefaces, but the final product should be easily readable. Designers should not neglect how the letters appear for the specific words they use.  Variations can look pretty good in a typeface. Pay attention to the number of words used, particularly the typeface. One can also try different fonts from Google Font Collection.

The User matters

Developing Cool interfaces can be a good idea, but have you ever thought of conceptualizing a model for users. Each product or application or website one creates will have a target audience. As the product is designed for the consumers, you would need to take into account their perception of how the system operates and not let your assumptions affect your design decisions. Having an assumption is good but not always in terms of UX.

Call to Action – Where is It?

Obviously, you need to tell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it. 

Call-to-action should be designed by considering the Ideal User and should be as simple as possible. The design should be interactive, and their representation should be simple. If a designer wants a user to click on something, one needs to make it ‘Look’ clickable.

Interactive Design – The Golden rule

It is very difficult for users to access websites and find improper fonts and image sizes. The website should always be designed in a responsive framework. You will need to adapt to various screen sizes. Interactive design is important to achieve greater user interactions and conversions. If you have a fantastic landing page, but there’s no information on what to do next. Users would be confused about whether to click or scroll. A good design is always made up of a set of actions, movements, and UI. The aim is to better engage our users. 

So, if you want to offer a high-level user experience, you will need to avoid the common mistakes listed above.

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