Mobile Testing Services

Need for Mobile Testing Services
Enterprises are using mobile technology as a ‘Game Changer’ to increase operational efficiency and accelerate business growth. The productivity gain offered by mobile applications is propelling the immediate need for an enterprise wide mobile strategy. There are several challenges at all stages of mobile testing and deployment. The business is demanding shorter time to-market not making things any easier for application developers.

Key Challenges

There are several factors that make mobile testing services even more challenging than testing desktop & web applications. Some of the hurdles include platform fragmentation, high user expectations, security, performance & integration issues. Mobile apps/applications testing therefore must adopt a far more robust approach.

Our Mobile Testing Services

We treat Mobility as a vertical because of the intersection it has with other verticals of interest like Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Retail etc. We have experience in mHealth, having tested applications such as Ultrasound on handheld devices, and M2M Technology with considerable experience testing end-to-end service delivery platforms comprising Application Services, Wireless Network Services, and scenarios spanning connected devices and services.

Test prioritization for mobile applications is done differently as compared to that for desktop or web-based applications. Compatibility and Usability testing of mobile applications is higher in the priority stack as compared to other attributes. Also, since mobile devices are starved of hardware resources, performance and reliability testing of mobile applications is very important.

Our test engineers also have experience with test automation on mobile platforms. We have experience working with diverse mobile technologies (GSM, CDMA, GPRS), platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry) and types of applications belonging to categories like Communication (Email, IM clients, Social Networking clients), Gaming, Productivity (PIM apps like Calendar, Diary, Banking and Financial Apps, Location Based Service Apps etc.) and so on.

Apple iOS test platforms include devices with iOS 3 and iOS 4. We have tested document collaboration systems, defect management systems, application performance monitoring systems on iPhone. We have used custom test automation frameworks for automating test cases.

We have tested CRM applications, defect management systems on Android 2.x platforms. Test automation is done using reflection techniques.
Windows Mobile testing includes testing and test automation of mobile healthcare applications. Tools like .NET compact library and M-eux Test are used for test automation.

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